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    If Stakers don't win there's going to be a lot of folk picking up their unemployment cheques on the Monday.
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    No doubt BTG will start putting 17000x Bonanza winners at the start of their games then only for people to find out, given their previous liberties, that it’s fake. The last thing Netent games need are adverts; my poor MacBooks fan can’t take their pointless animations at the start, at the best of times. 4% house edges are obviously not good enough... Oh, and check out NE’s Megaways: Piggy Riches Here we go: Starburst Megaways
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    Happy New Year - Here’s to 2020

    The clock is about to strike midnight so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year. I think you’ll agree we’ve had a fantastic year! Gained some incredible new members and lost some too. I say this every year but I still feel privileged to be able to come here and do what I do every day. Here’s to 2020 in the best forum on this planet! Thank you all for your continued support, we wouldn’t be here without you all.
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    Happy New Year - Here’s to 2020

    Haha this made me laugh so much! Happy New Year everyone! In two months it'll be 6 years of me being a part of AG family and I couldn't be happier about it! Adding to what Pinnit said, I also heard that Netent is gonna run Ads before their games.. what's going on with the industry? Lower RTP's, in-game advertisements.. No wonder I still stiick with the older games.
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    Happy New Year - Here’s to 2020

    Maybe 'Play n Out'...
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    Happy New Year - Here’s to 2020

    Some 2020 predictions: - SOW/SOF to hit the MGA casino's player base - Videoslots to be sold/bought over by someone (not AG) - Gamstop to finally become mandatory - Move away from Megaways and BTG needing to really think about how ***** some of their games really are - Further reductions in RTP's offered - the big UK bookies are taking the lower ones now - Netents etc, normally only offering 1 RTP, will now start to offer more - lower - The final end of MG making games, will now just host - PNG to (continue to) release some of the worst tosh slotters have seen - Relax Gaming to increase reputation with some more decent games - Johnny to continue to win whilst on the toilet - Gulp....maybe not 2020 but max stake of 2 quid in the UK - Casinos to continue to complain that they're doing x,y,z cos of the UKGC blah blah...you're a business, deal with it; needing hand held's like a child?Pah. - Progressive/collection games to be panned by the GC - More streamers to give up - one can hope - No limit City , maybe, to release some of the better HV releases - MT sites to disappear (bye bye Ikibu recently) - UKGC to introduce 3 second between spins - maybe 2021 though. - Self Exclusion to continue to be an issue - seriously? - Bear Group has gone from the UK recently and can imagine they'll be more - any luck Cassava will disappear completely
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    I am finally done with slots

    It should be probably be easier to fight the urge to slot in the coming year: - More HV releases that you need 500x bankroll's to play, or play at rubbish-y low stakes - Surely not more megaway releases, enough already - More SOW etc from MGA casinos's and all that nonsense - Aspire Global buying over every on their knees casino. - Every release from PNG - Most releases from MG On the plus side, Relax gaming are coming away with some decent releases. Need a time machine to go back to the Golden era of slotting; 2006-2009
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    Prefer casinos to the player

    Hmm, as far as I can see your review has been rejected due to violation of AskGamblers Posting Guidelines, Section Complaints which basically means our team concluded your feedback is actually a complaint and not a classic player review thus advising you to use the appropriate channel which is this situation should be our complaints service - AGCCS. Submitting complaint against operator is way more serious action in comparison with leaving a review, therefore really struggling to see the 'joke' here?! Being offensive and disrespectful with someone who's actually trying to help you for free speaks for itself so no further comments needed...
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    Prefer casinos to the player

    If you love them so much, why did you feel the need to come here then?
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    Merry Christmas from AskGamblers

    Well, it is that time of year again when we take a well deserved break to be with our loved ones. We just want to thank everyone once again for your continued support for for keeping this forum the most friendly one there is. So for now on behalf of me and Valdes we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! We hope you have all been good and get everything you have wished for. Admin P.s - Any posts pending approval will be dealt with on the 27th of December.
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    Worst casino

    Curacao so, as long as you pay the 'business' fee, you can state the earth is flat and it's held to be a valid proof.
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    Let's have some chit chat :)

    The only God i pray to is the Bonanza plus 5 one. He too is a bit of an absentee landlord.
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    Let's have some chit chat :)

    Gambling is still considered a SIN, folks... At least according to the church, the society, the family and you can easily find confirmation of my words in that strange look on your best friend's face when you say "Dude, I am a gambler"... Not that I personally give that much a heck anyway. All the rest it's just some mega hypocrisy which by the way appears to be immensely spread across UK as seen on the stats below. (Here follows double ) https://www.finder.com/uk/gambling-statistics Bottom line - we are who we are! Luckily, seems like most of us found and have enough people in their lives who would love and support them no matter what and regardless our sin. Thanks God for that!
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    The AskGamblers Awards Are Back!

    If I’d to pick from the list of the ones I can play at: New; Wish Maker Casino; Energy Slot; DOA2; you can’t ignore those massive wins Provider; Push If is my own choice; New; none as not really signed up to any Casino; Novibet but, though no longer play there, Redbet or Casumo Slot; Temple Tumbles Provider; mix between Push and Relax This years been very disappointing; hoping No Limit and some others continue to make inroads at the big boys
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    Source of wealth and refund

    try upload of Mr Krabs instead
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    Stakers Casino

    That was the first thing to do when we noticed all that wave of 'spontaneous joy' towards the aforementioned operator... Different IPs of course
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    Yes, i hope you don't become pregnant again as well Pretty sure the first time must have hurt more than your Wild Frames session
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    And this is the point where we put an end for December contest cycle! The extra 36 hours are on us, it's New Year after all! Thank you all for participating and see you soon with contest summary. Stay tuned!
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    Want to acquire ..

    Title sounds like the mission statement of Aspire Global - the new Everymatrix.
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    I am finally done with slots

    Take only pragmatic free spins, set them on turbo + autoplay and finish them in 1minute Anyway, keep us updated if you manage to cashout maybe from free spins, gl anyway.
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    Admitted to cheating

    How did you prove it beyond doubt and did you keep a chat log of this supposed confession? Sounds a bit fishy to me ... though I have heard Bovada are a bit shady these days...
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    Don't know how I missed this in the past but I've posted a solid review now... amazing how much BS people write on sites like that, what is it, competitors making trouble?
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    That would be awesome! Maybe something the team can look into for next year - let's hope the right people are reading this! Maybe we could even come up with something in the forum. @copyyy Be sure to remind me next year in plenty of time.
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    Yes, this is from the paper who once claimed that the following were contributory factors to cancer. The Medical Council were, naturally, a tad miffed: - pringles - facebook - oral ***** (though unconfirmed - more research needed) If you wrapped the worst traits of people into one, poorly written rag, it's what you'd end up with.