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    One more decent Riders Of The Storm session this weekend and another hefty $500 profit form this game. ? The thing is why Thunderkick still didn't send me a bottle of some expensive wine? So much advertising for free... Or perhaps they are still preparing their Christmas gift for Guru... ?
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    There's folk who hang round corners with the sole intention of taking your money ? Fiekie does it but he's just selling jars of jam.
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    General Praise for Trada Casino

    Funny thing happened last week when i withdrew from Trada on a Thursday night via debit card. It would normally go in my account on the Saturday. Didn't see it and was like 'Oh, better create a thread that has complaint in it and harp on incessantly', but then noticed that it actually went into my bank on the Thursday instantly upon approval. Spoke to Conor who's said it's the bank's processing improving (i bank with RBS for these ones) - But I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case for another casino that i used by debit card for....I'll check another site in the next coming days just to see. Anyone else getting instance debit card withdrawals with the RBS Group across other casinos? - i know Sky vegas started with Barclays so not sure if it's being rolled out across the other banks. So, maybe not praise for Trada but for the banks/processors, but I'm sure Conor will fire me a £50 quid NDP once he reads this.
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    General Praise for Trada Casino

    @pinnit2015 - You problem will be addressed soon with Netent and I guess some providers will run of their own platform and not quickfire hopefully. @[email protected] is a man of his word with the announcement
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    Definitely my most favorite Thunderkick slot game ever! And I still have that odd feeling the game is about to give me far better hit soon.
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    GoodWin Casino screenshot contest

    Aye to that...but I cannot understand why other members are still not taking this contest seriously...or even trying...maybe I'm doomed to win every coming contest?! Hahaha. ?
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    For the difference, 7.50, I do a sexy bonus inducing dance around the machines, sort of like a rain one, but it brings the scatters in.
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    Hi folks, The new NetEnt slot "The Wolf's Bane " is live on Betzest Casino and we are giving you 50 free spins No Deposit, No wagering, to celebrate it! It’s more than easy to try out the game today; it’s for free! We give away 50 FreeSpins No deposit required to all AskGamblers members. Hurry up, No game no gain! How it will work: • In order to claim the exclusive bonus please PM me and we will get the free spins credited to your account. We invite any members to write a review here at AskGamblers but this is not a condition to get the free spins. • Free Spins are wager free – keep the winnings Is that all ? Of course not. You will be entitled to 200% deposit bonus up to $/€ 100" And what's even more : During October the fun continues! Show your skills and participate in our 10’000 FREE SPINS PRIZE POOL! Betzest Casino - Conan Tournament • 10000 FREE SPINS PRIZE POOL! • Highest RTP over 20 consecutive rounds • Min bet €0.20 • Min rounds to qualify: 10 Enjoy it and as always, Let me know if there is anything specific we can help you with. Availability : Until the end of November Thanks and kind regards Betzest Casino Team
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    Sooo, it's no secret I don't play much anymore. Since having my babies time I get to myself has decreased. Dramatically. In fact, I get very little me time and have kind of forgotten what it's like to have time to do things that I enjoy. Of course I wouldn't change anything but I have decided to dedicate one night a week (just a couple of hours of course) to try my luck. I have already been playing at Sky Vegas now and again, I never used to like them but the other half introduced me at the beginning of the year and I don't really get much time to look elsewhere now. BGO phased out. Anyway, point of my post is to let you know I hope to jump back into the saddle soon. Maybe even try some of the new games spoke about in the forum. Do you know what though. When you haven't worked you way through most casinos (like I used to before) it's really hard to sieve through them all to pick some to try, especially when there are so many now. And not forgetting time consuming and I don't have time on my hands. I guess I'll just have to see how it goes.
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    Oh gees...luckily I know that you're kind of a newbie online gambler...otherwise I'd be wondering where you came from! The answer to your question is very simple really, hehehe. RTP...or TRTP (Theoretical Return To Player)...is how a game is designed and programmed to performed and pay out during its cycle (several millions of spins makes 1 cycle)...this is anywhere from 99% TRTP to below 80% TRTP. When a casino list out a game that currently has an RTP of over 100%, it simply means that the game has paid out above its designed TRTP...meaning, it's been dishing out many good wins, frequently. But this cannot last for long, and never for ever, so expect that game to start dropping to below 80% TRTP soon enough!
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    Let's talk about Cinerama

    25 Spin session for a +10.4 units result, (HI +10.4u{sp#25} / LO -15.6u(sp#23), highest win 20xBet(sp#25)(5OAK mics) Spins since ≥20xBet: 0, avg YTD every 183 spins, avg LTD every 168 spins (previous win took 439 spins) Jackpot is currently at 132,551 EUR notes: quick hit and run and finally it gave a ≥20xBet (session RTP 141.6%) 
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    BitStarz - Account Closure

    Might just be the case that the company just utilises their platform, leaving cash out times at the discretion of each different casino? I could have a casino using their platform and tell punters I pay in 2 minutes and you tell yours two days, for example. Might depend on the specifics of the agreement and what’s actually ‘bought’ as part of it?
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    Well, how I wish I was on a 20 quid bet...
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    winning progressive jackpots just comes down to being a luckbox in the right time. Take for example a recent newsletter I got from casino rewards. some player in that gets interviewed about winning 2 mega moolah majors in just over a month. See this insanity. K.Z. won CA$50,700 on Mega Moolah at Captain Cooks Casino Casino Rewards: How are you doing? K.Z.: I'm happy! haha! Casino Rewards: I could imagine, two wins in just over a month, that must be incredible. K.Z.: It has just made my day like you wouldn't believe. Casino Rewards: I could imagine because it's a little over double your last win so… K.Z.: I am speechless, I am just totally shocked. Casino Rewards: Well you know, you've got to be in it to win it, and I've seen people win progressives two, three or four times in just a few months. K.Z.: Well I just read an article online about Captain Cooks Casino and I thought "you know what, I will try my luck". This is the only game that I play. Casino Rewards: Have you tried any of the other progressive slots like Cash Splash or Treasure Nile? K.Z.: No I stick to Mega Moolah. I don't know, maybe I would win on those! Casino Rewards: I mean if you're hitting your luck on Mega Moolah, why not stick to it. K.Z.: I know, I just can't believe it, I'm in total shock right now. I want to kind of jump to the rooftops. I just can't believe I won this again. I am going to look for a car. Casino Rewards: Do you know what kind of car? A bit fancy? K.Z.: I don't know yet. I really don't know. Oh my god, I'm just ecstatic. Casino Rewards: I honestly would be if I were you. K.Z.: This could be the best birthday present I could have ever asked for. Casino Rewards: I bet it is, that's honestly incredible. K.Z.: I am just over the moon. This has just made my day, man. I don't know what to say. Casino Rewards: I couldn't think of anyone better to win today. Congratulations from everyone here. K.Z.: Thank you very much, I'm ready to burst into tears right now. So before I do that, I'm going to go… oh my gosh. Oh wow I need to calm down. Casino Rewards: I wouldn't be calming down, that's for sure. K.Z.: This is awesome man.
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    Skrill now accepts cryptocurrency

    I will try some of them too, but typing the name in google instead of clicking it from that site
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    Jackpot contributions - please help!!!

    just become a streamer or play in a streamers apartment, that will increase your chance of winning the jackpot.
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    And all spins needs to be given in one go...
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    This topic has been around several times before this...but never mind...here I go again... ? Bearing in mind that I have signed up and played at many hundreds of casinos...and closed my accounts at just as many casinos as well...nowadays, what catches my first interest to sign up is no longer the same as before. #1 Deposit Bonus % PLUS Free Spins - must be 150% AND 100 Free Spins at least...otherwise, I won't be interested. #2 MUST HAVE my few favourite games (not many left nowadays) - 1st on my list is Supe It Up (Microgaming)...not on the list and no go for me! #3 Wagering Turnover requirement - anything above 30x deposit + bonus is a no-no for me...most of the time though. #4 If the casino doesn't belong to Direx NV, N1 Interactive or Joc Solutions...I would skip them, unless they have all the 3 items as listed above. #5 UKGC licensed casinos are no-go for me, so I only accept casinos having Malta and Curacao Licenses. #6 Every other reasons are not that important to me, but withdrawal times must not be more than 2 days! Importance in the above order! ?
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    Let's talk about Cinerama

    Could be.... Heard stories and rumors about a dwarf who's been set off unemployed by Playtech a few months ago. Reason for firing him off - unable to keep up spinning the Cinerama RNG wheel in accordance with Playtech's brand new RTP (Return To Profit)strategy. ?
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    The AskGamblers Awards Are Back

    Guys I don't know if you've all checked the Awards page lately, but the finalists have been annonced! Take a look here. Did any of your nominees make the shortlist? What do we all think of the finalists?
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    Thanks a lot ValDes! I would like to warn many players from a bitter experience and not be shy to ask for help. You have only one life and you need to live it cool! I wish everyone profit and a conscious life ?
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    ? Need to bring apple music to stream the music though - thinking Dire Straits would be quite apt; Money For Nothing?
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    Ask gamblers review monitoring

    jwholland is now spreading the word accross the internet. Posting across other forums the same thing.. He got banned at CasinoMeister for doing the exact same thing by Nagging without supporting evidence... @jwholland - I have had enough of your ranting - ValDes explained everything clearly from AG point of View, if you dont like what you see or are happy with the content or the way things are done, processed and analyzed, stay away! PERIOD! You starting to give me a headache... I'm now GATVOL
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    i cashed out $1000 using neosurf withdraw method at luckystars casino in june this year. i had never withdrawn more than $1000 in one go b4 so i was over the moon about it. ? when my win was credited into my neosurf account i excitedly headed straight to the withdraw page thinking that i would cash out $700 and leave the rest to gamble some more. imagine my surprise and the look on my face when this message popped up on my screen: ranfers to australian banks have been temporary deactivated. We will offer an alternative withdrawal method soon. ??? i was so pissed off because i cashed out only to end up having to spend all of it back on casino deposits again. i decided to give luckystars casino another shot again that week later and boy was i glad i did because i ended up cashing out $7000 in one go!!!??? this time i was smart enough to use bitcoin which was the only other option instead
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    And these two are from the same session! Came one after another within 50 spins, literally! ?