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    Money is already in your accounts. - I have mine in my skrill already. @ValDes - Thanks again for awesome fast service a thanks to AG
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    Didn't catch the actual win but you can see it and it's not free spins its from the base game,triggered DIAMONDS
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    Weird Pink win - garga gave nowt - it was the last of the 3 (single wilds)that joined them up
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    Nothing big...but the small ones are not that bad either...they keep me going...
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    Misleading promotions by Royal panda?

    Just decided to call royal panda directly and spoke to a lovely lady, after explaining its been rectified. Alls well that ends well. Shes gonna send feedback to make sure agents are aware of how promotions work. Thanks Pinnit2015 for your responses
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    Hehe, I have to be honest this bit tickled me. I wonder if that gesture of goodwill had to be authorised by a manager first
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    Just tell them you appreciate a partner who wants to share even the most private and intimate details, you're absolutely on board.. as soon as they show you theirs you'll show them yours.
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    I got this playing at EUSlot Casino a few days ago...started from 20 free spins on my old favourite Fruit Zen. Switching over to Supe It Up, 5 Green cars came not long after during the free spins...totally unexpected! Hehehe.
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    Never thought I'd play this game again...but somehow, it isn't that hostile to me today...hehehe.
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    Hey Guys, If you are having any problems with the Battle of Slots for mobile please send an e-mail with your username to [email protected] and we'll investigate. Best regards, Team Videoslots.
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    The year of the Pig (2019) has seen a really wonderful beginning for me, bringing me great joy I haven't had since several years ago. Most probably some of you may be having a great time too...if not, well, maybe later...maybe in another zodiacal animal year...so don't lose hope, hehehe. Anyway, I'd like to put forward my own list of the fastest paying online casinos for this year - 2019 (the following list is not exhaustive simply because I have not made any withdrawals this year so far at the various other casinos): Fastest paying casinos (in chronological order): Argo Casino (JocSolutions) - 10 minutes Betchan Casino (Direx NV) - 10 minutes BitStarz Casino (Direx NV) - 5 minutes Bob Casino (N1 Interactive) - 3 minutes EUSlot Casino (N1 Interactive) - 8 minutes Golden Star Casino (Direx NV) - 5 minutes Joo Casino (Direx NV) - 6 minutes Wildblaster Casino (Direx NV) - 18 minutes Casinos that pay within 24 hours: Champagne Spins Casino (Direx NV) - 15 hours King Billy Casino (Direx NV) - 23 hours Loki Casino (Direx NV) - 1 hour Trada Casino (TradaGames) - 3 hours Casinos that pay within 2 days: Magical Spin Casino (Betrust Entertainment) - 2 days Please feel free to add in your own list of casinos so that readers can get a good reference here.
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    Been a bit rubbish recently
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    Yes, of course my dear Guru-san...but I already knew that, hehehe. Anyway...as you would always say..."keep them coming"...so I am... 5 Scatters in Victorious paid a damn lousy 50x win...no wonder I didn't like the game!
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    Sorry guys...I know some of you must be saying in your heads..."oh no, not Afi again!" But it goes to show why I'm avoiding those new rubbish games...they all talk big but pay damn small...hahaha.
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    AG Coin is Now Live !!!

    We've added another two casinos where you can get AG Coin check it out HERE
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    Just not fair gaming and curious to hear what MGA does about it.. Probably not much given the amount but multiply this by how many players they do this to. Good Luck.
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    Talk about Pimped...I got this last night..and today, one from my old favourite Thunderkick's Fruit Warp too...
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    The new normal is processing within 24hrs based on the replies I've had from support the last dozen times I questioned the increasingly growing pending times, today didn't even have the attempt at humour or personality "Please do not contact support regarding pending withdrawals until 24hrs have passed" and I used to ***** about the fact that they sometimes took all the way up to their 4hr ideal window... Those were the days. and the whole stance of fluffing off long time players with a generic "we have always had a 24hr window that we aim to process withdrawals within" sure... and that's absolutely how you built your customer base, a we'll get around to it when we get there approach.. *grumble grumble* growing increasingly irritated by my shrinking list of "AG APPROVED & RECOMMENDED SITES"
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    Problem with gunsbet

    @pinnit2015 what about winning $100 from no deposit at winaday ...3 days latter 37k up in total...I wasn't spining more than 4 eur. The run was as sick as it gets...that was 5 years ago. so yes you never know.. I got over this what happened at gunsb. but the hardest one is when you don't get paid.
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    Handicap bet explained ?

    it's because the odds is +6 and the score is +2 so 6+2=8, and the score of man city is 9. that's why you lose. in order to win they have to score atleast 4 or 5 points.
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    Worse Game Thread

    Not the same game as it was years ago but wouldn't say it's terrible - had about 12 ish 4 reel wild desires, some on 1.50, in my time playing it. Found it to be a good wagering slots when in the mood. Yet to see 5 thought. Yeah that Great Pig game is one of the worst I've even seen. Absolutely zero potential, doesn't even pretend it's any good.
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    Let's have some chit chat :)

    Latest update...for those interested... 2 days ago, I sent in a request to that local Asian-based casino, requesting for closure of my account. They had accused me of fraudulent activities, and I told them that was absolutely ridiculous! I waited and waited, but no reply came back from them. So today, I checked my account again, surprised that I could load and play Playtech games as before (as if that blockage did not happened at all) but they had removed my favourite True Love game. Sheesh! They won't close my account, instead they unblocked me from Playtech games, hoping that I would play back...and lose...and they get back everything that I have won. Well, one mistake from them I can tolerate...but blindly accusing me of fraudulent activities is one thing I can NEVER accept...not from anybody or any casino. Since they won't close my account, I am now dumping the casino into my deep freezer...where it will stay for good!
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    Problem with gunsbet

    To be honest, nope, never considered such limitations and restrictions as the most adequate way to set certain restrictions on your bonuses. On the other hand they are definitely NOT the only one top notch operator out there applying similar restrictions and I guess that 'strategy' is simply but surly getting into an industry trend.
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    Anyhow, Casinos have been caught many times for rigged games: Who is this then exactly? The Gametech group for example was dealing in pirated games - i know of NO software company, with a decent licence at least, that has been found guilty of selling 'rigged' games to the casinos. larger entities who test through bribes and kickbacks so why not in the billion dollar casino world ? Again, not one whistleblower has come forward and there's no evidence to suggest this has happened. Can it happen? Of course it can - you target a guy with money problems in a testing lab to turn a blind eye, hope that you can then bride his boss and his boss to sign off. But again, nothing. That's a whataboutery argument - you could apply that to literally anything in the world. Local Council agrees to planning permission to build on greenbelt land? Oh, must be the rich developers bribing the town hall officials - that's why we have controls and checks and balances in place. And let's be honest, if you were rigging a game would you not do it in such a way that the punters wouldn't notice? Rather, where you see patterns is part of gamblers fallacy. Maybe years down the line there will be shown to be a global rigging conspiracy but until something tangible is shown I'm playing under the assumption that all games, issued by those reputable software companies and hosted by the same reputable casinos, are legit.
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    Interesting topic and I admire the money, time and work Afi went through to come up with this outcome. I myself, having tested similar plays, but not as extensive, personally found a difference in fun vs real play. I lost quite a bit trying it out. On the topic of if the outcome is different when you either click stop or let the reels spin themselves, I have to kind of agree with Val since the nanosecond you click the final result is pre-determined BUT, as Afi said, YOU NEVER KNOW. My experience with this was when I played thousands on a certain game called Flip and I thought, or it seemed like I had the game figured out. I even showed this to some friends on how if I clicked at that certain time as the first reel was spinning, I increased my chances of winning . Yes, I know, this could only be coincidence, but it is difficult to explain how I was withdrawing thousands every week playing this game and it was like hey, I don't need to work anymore. There is a flaw and I found it. Guess what happened. They finally must have noticed and they upgraded the game. Now call it a coincidence but I must have put everything I won, (as most of us all do eventually), and since then, I never hit the same sequence nor won any amount above $200. Coincidence? Anyhow, Casinos have been caught many times for rigged games, softwares can be easily modified with a single switch I mean if they couldn't then how can they actually have game competitions and various "promissed" outcomes in certain time frames? This was my experience and as for the testing done on these softwares well let's face it. We are talking billions of $ and it has been proven that there has been corruption on even larger entities who test through bribes and kickbacks so why not in the billion dollar casino world ? So, I agree with both Alfi and Val but my own experience, I lean towards Alfi's testing simply because of my own observations. Those that play often, wouldn't you agree that somehow you already know how or when the game will pay or not simply by observing the certain behaviour of the game ?