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  2. Perhaps next time Askgamblers should pick one of Direx or Dama casinos instead so that many more players like me can participate!
  3. In my particular region, Asian online casinos are really quite freely available to anyone to play. They use local depositing methods, like money transfers via ATM and CDM, and now have even started accepting local ewallets as well. These casinos use trading company accounts for all transactions, not gambling establishment accounts, so players like myself do not face any issues in depositing money or withdrawing money from these casinos. A business trick that really works well, even though local banks actually know that these business accounts are really for gambling purposes! This is one
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  5. hello I just saw your Post and have a few tips for you. probably they want to give you a hard time because of the anti money laundring German legislation. I had a similar case but vise versa. my mother couldnt cash out because basicaly I was the source of her pocket money. so the solution is a bank statement from you showing that you deposited the funds in your account. A bank statement from your mother showing a cash withdrawal at an ATM around the same dates and a letter stating that she gave you the X amount of money as a gift
  6. Guys this is only open until end of play on the 27th please remember to write your reviews to win the spins.
  7. Please remember you must leave a review in the game or on the casino and post a screenshot of the approved review here.
  8. I totally agree with you when it comes to not judging other people's actions such as losing houses etc. But many people tempt to criticize from their personal and up in sky snowflakes. From your story I can definitely say that we have something in common! Frankfurt am main. Lived there for many years. (God awful weather) I think a year off was pretty good! Especially if it was combined with the drinking as well. I think if the casinos start asking for sow(mga) and also expand the time frames on withdrawals, players will either go to curacao ones or just stop gambling and maybe fun
  9. I know this disappointment. Been there as well. Well yeah rules are rules. But it will be itching for a while. The best thing is that you know when to take a break mate! So congrats!
  10. Think anyone who plays casinos, even moderately, needs to remember they're not immune to a decent into addiction. Sometimes you could be one bad day away from triggering a series of events that could push you under. So, when you hear someone's lost houses/jobs through stealing etc, try not to judge them too much as one day that person could be you. Longest was probably 10 years ago for a year. Personally, i've always had issues with impulse control. Not as much with gambling funnily enough but more with my drinking in the second half of my 20's where i'd literally disappear fo
  11. I take breaks regularly. I tend to get a nice win than just walk away or a major loss. I try to write down what I am looking to lose max. Right now I played on BitStarz and inadvertently had a bonus I wasn't aware of until a few spins in (hard to tell the deposit amount and how some games reflect your available amount). I had a bad losing streak down 8 LTC. Ended up saying oh well I will play to their crazy limit and had some amazing wins on No Limit games. I finally hit the wager amount and had 9 LTC to cash out which was amazing. Then during my withdraw they said no you bet over the 0.1
  12. Aaaaah...is that what you meant? Okaaay...got it now.
  13. @Afi4wins valdes mentioned in his comment that he has been with his wife for 20+ years. In these times when relationships come with expiry dates for someone to stay together for so many years is a big deal. Thats why I said " Jackpot."
  14. Hi there. Usually, if your country code is not available to register your phone number, then it means that the casino does not accept players from your country. However, if this is not the case, then you can get assistance from the casino's Live Chat host to get it registered manually. Sometimes they may call you to verify your number. Good luck with that AG coin!
  15. "...20+ years together." If love is gambling you sure hit the jackpot.
  16. Hey there, I tried to claim the AG Coin for Wallacebet casino but when I want to enter my phone number, there is no country code for Germany to choose
  17. Well @ValDes thank you for sharing this, it shows the true and raw side of gambling, when it gets out of the safe zone. I think we all have been there, especially players who are quite ''old'' to this thing. I as well had quite a rush the first week, even checking my email's inbox for some offers, even had those anger issues due to not playing, but after a week or so, i started realising that family do comes first in all matters. Kuddos to your wife btw, she must love you pretty much! (at least i'm not the only one whose woman makes the final MONEY decisions ) Your tactic is pretty good bt
  18. Longest break from gambling - almost 5 months. When: 10+ years ago. Why: gambling too much (6+ hours daily on a regular basis), chasing losses, had to be crystal clear with myself whether I'm addicted or not and if Yes, how much exactly; IMO, got clear with myself I was addicted at that time, maybe not beyond the point of no return, but certainly addicted to a degree when it started to affect some of the aspects of my life; Actions: had one of the most difficult, painful and straightforward conversations ever with my wife (we are together for 20+ years), explained and admitte
  19. Hey Well, if I have to summarize my response to your question somehow let me just say that I have 17+ years of experience of online gambling in all possible aspects - as a player all that time, as a casino affiliate 10+ years, and as casino consultant occasionally. Tried more than 2000 online casinos in real play, played countless amount of slots (dare to say 1500+, maybe more) and wagered millions of dollars so far with with variable success. Wish I could say I won a lot after so much playing but the reality is that (sorry, don't keep accurate calculations anymore) I'm either a few K b
  20. Last week
  21. Yes, I’m still waiting for a reply back from the casino.. I’ve sent them documents of my mother. Unfortunately the complaint got rejected..
  22. I would consider opening a complaint if they're not willing to accept your own bank statements as proof.
  23. Ahh well, sometimes regulations are quite harsh. I had to face such regulations before by skrill-neteller. The good thing is that I always find a way to bypass them. Ps. From my personal experience, the regulations will stay like this for years before changing again.
  24. Well technically 3 weeks and practically 3 months. The thing is that since new neteller and skrill regulations I have not been allowed to add gambling funds to my ewallet for 3 months. In the mean time I did win two AG coins and after winning them I did gamble. I also managed to cashout a few no deposit bonuses and deposit them again. But since I lost them I am unable to gamble. Even though I have a gambling budget which I am still unable to use since I cannot deposit. You can say I am on a three week forced gambling break.
  25. Ahh man sorry. I do think you need some fresh air when the lockdown is over!
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