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  2. In 10 years there are 2 possibilities. Either the land based casinos to be filled with players again or online slots to be independent from restrictions
  3. Yeah it's kinda dumb trying to force a player wait for 5 seconds in order to spin again. I mean there are slots that tempt to be slow, making them slower makes them automatically unplayable. Don't know who is forcing these to happen but the whole concept came from the regulator itself.
  4. OK, but realize Cloudbet is constantly asking ME to go through YOU in order to get a resolution. They are such a shady operation and you need to take note of that (but i'm sure you've already seen some of the people come by with existing problems with this casino) Yep, you can see all my deposits on the 4 year old account here and see that i am a big loser, all images can be verified (over 200 deposits totalling almost 5 bitcoins!!)I am a loser on the site, therefor considering the ruling of point #4 by cloudbet team, what I deposited that day minus the mis-grade should be recons
  5. I have opened a new thread for you, I hope you don't mind.
  6. No way! That's got to effet some! What was the restriction before?
  7. The way I see it, these people are purposely taking the fun and entertainment out of slotting and gambling bit by bit...until one day it becomes so laborious, dull and time wasting (including the money wasting too of course) that more and more gamblers would rather quit than be tortured. I'm already slowly on my way out, so these changes would not bother me as much.
  8. That's worse than here tbf. The UK will probably try to outstrip that, though they may settle on 2 quid max The 5 seconds is a real killer - try a Stakelogic game and see what it feels like. I've had friends abroad who have gone 'HAHA, in the UK x,y,z' and i remember saying i wouldn't be so smug as where one regulator leads, others tend to follow. It's absolute bonkers - as a Regulator you want to ensure that players play in a regulated market with protections (within reasonable constraints), not drive them to some Costa Rica dive and that's all that achieves. It's not there to
  9. From 15th of October, German players will start facing new and strictly restrictions in their gambling wallet and pleasure. First of all, there are the new restrictions that will take place: 1. Maximum wager of 1euro 2. Minimum spin of 5 seconds! 3. Maximum loss limit to be set on 1000euros per month 4. 1 minute cooldown when the player goes out of the game and starts a new game. Dont know anything new yet, but i think Germany is getting in the companion of Sweden and Uk if you ask me. Any news or thought are welcome!
  10. 1. https://www.askgamblers.com/video-slots/western-gold-megaways-isoftbet-game-review/#review-5f8c33232ec17167af3397ed 2. https://www.askgamblers.com/video-slots/moon-princess-play-n-go-game-review/#review-5f8c2fe4986c2310290c0493 3. https://www.askgamblers.com/video-slots/plenty-on-twenty-novomatic-game-review/#review-5f8c3bae5454413dd00579a2 4. https://www.askgamblers.com/video-slots/5-lions-dance-pragmatic-play-game-review/#review-5f8c371466e1e75aaf560d82 5. https://www.askgamblers.com/video-slots/reactoonz-2-play-n-go-game-review/#review-5f8c3f15ce2e6f29212a108f
  11. Anyone but 1x bet would be a step in the right direction. Depends where you're from but Unibet, Novibet, Sky etc all have sound sports book- Novibet give you quite a lot of perks re their sporting as well. The Mr Green/William Hill/Caesars (whoever owns them atm) also have a fine book.
  12. Viva the 4th Industrial Revolution. See now the talk is shifting from the immediate effects of Covid to now a narrative of Long Term Effects - hmm.
  13. Covid-situation in Bulgaria: - all time high when it comes to new cases stats - no reaction from the government, no lockdowns, nothing; - March/April 2020, confirmed new cases 20 times less than yesterday - whole country was blocked... Go figure it out!!! Have the odd feeling our lovely Europe will soon, very very very soon actually, will wake up totally blocked again. Anyone fancy a bet about it? I say the total lockdown will happen within the next 2 weeks tops.
  14. I'm going to move the Covid chat back into here guys. So, it has been confirmed the UK as a nation will enter a second strict lockwon with everything closing expect essential businesses. How our economy will survive I don't know. It will be for a period of 17 days which cannot be extended as they will only see if the circuit breaker works once we come out of lockdown. I think we will see a series of these over the next few months Tell me about the situation where you are...
  15. If I had the time to keep playing during working days, well, don't promise anything...
  16. Every bookmaker / casino do sh.ts .. Right ? How do you know before you got bad experience? Currently i am looking for new bookmaker and i am checking some sites to get info. It seems af first look that all of them are great.. maybe later when you got punched in the face , than you get the truth . I dont know ..
  17. TOURNAMENT "SOLAR ESCAPE" Network tournament Playson Solar Escape with a prize Fund of €60'000! For detailed instructions and participation in the campaign, play one of the games for real money and take part in the tournament. Prize pool Tournament 1 €60'000: 1 - €10,000, 2 - €7,500, 3 - €5'000, 4 - €2'000, 5 - €1,500, 6 - €1,000, 7- €900, 8 - €800, 9- €700, 10 - €600, 11 to 25 - €500, 26 to 50 - €200 , 51 to 150 - €100, 101 to 250 - €50 , 9 €700, 10 €600, 11-25 €500, 26-50 €200, 51-150 €100, 101-250 €50 The tournament is held on the world network Playson™. BEG
  18. Free spins on Hammer of Vulcan™ ..Tomorrow the war will start. But to arm the people, the blacksmiths needed a whole month! The elders found a solution: build a foundry right in the mouth of the volcano. Dangerous, but it might work! So let this night pour metal, beat hammers, and forge swords in the new slot from Quickspin™: Hammer of Vulcan™. Enter the code to get an advantage from Riobet: - For VIP players - Promocode HAOV20V - 120 free spins at a rate of 0.40$ - For Gold players - Promocode HAOV20G - 100 free spins at a rate of 0.20$ - For Classic players - Promocode
  19. Not enough data on it atm to say hot/cold conclusions: maybe will know more come next year but for now they're not even sure if the colder months will increase production (certainly was the case last time i skimmed the CDC report).
  20. That's a double WOW Guru-san! Must be your LUCKY DAY!!!
  21. WOW!!! What a hit on a $2 bet! Congrats, well done, keep 'em coming...and don't give everything back Guru-san!
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