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  3. was clicking around checking out profiles as I was checking some players from current monthly..... and one of the players had previously had a 10e win in a weekly final.... then I check the winner of that final week 17 (100e win) to then see that same player also had a 100e win 1st place in weekly final week 8.. what is going on here eh... some people are really lucky at these social tourneys.. week 17 final had 2844 players and week 8 final had 3668 players........ that week 17 final I placed 181st...... but only top 175 got paid.....
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  5. Caihong - 144x, 458x, 98x, 150x, 76x, 78x, 249x, 95x,79x, 53x, 71x, 72x, 154x, 71x, 106x, 53x, 63x, 71x, 136x, 152x, 51x, 162x, 169x (23 Screenies) - https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/cai-hong-rtg Ravens Eye - 100x, 101x (2 Screenies) - https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/raven-s-eye-thunderkick Odins Gamble - 227x (1screenie) - https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/odin-s-gamble-thunderkick Book of Dead - 56x, 87x, 64x, 123x, 71x, 180x (6 screenies) - https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/revie
  6. Bigger bass bonanza- 8 screenies https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/bigger-bass-bonanza-pragmatic-play?gameCategory=video-slots Total 99
  7. Heavenly Ruler : 57x, 126x. (2 screenies) https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/heavenly-ruler-playtech?gameCategory=video-slots (Total : 51 Screenshots)
  8. Dolphin Reef : 52x, 60x, 107x, 119x, 120x, 549x. (6 screenies) https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/dolphin-reef?gameCategory=video-slots (Total : 49 Screenshots)
  9. Thai Paradise : 50x, 51x, 74x, 108x, 133x, 137x, 146x, 268x. (8 screenies) https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/thai-paradise-playtech?gameCategory=video-slots True Love : 53x, 88x, 100x, 137x. (4 screenies) https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/true-love-playtech?gameCategory=video-slots (Total : 43 Screenshots)
  10. That would be one contest I CANNOT EVER WIN bro, cos my games list is a very limited one indeed.
  11. number of unique slots Fiekie - 32 Blackjax - 14 Afi - 3 I was going to suggest that in some contests there could be an additional prize for the contestant with the most number of unique slots.. (instead of highest xBet) back in the Xmas screenie contest, Blackjax: 43, Fiekie: 27, Afi: 13
  12. Last week
  13. The £1 1 line pays more, so if I play £1 1 line and hit 2 premium symbols I win £5, if I played the 10 lines and had a total stake of £1 I think it’s 50p or £1 win , the game pays as if it’s a £10 stake I’m playing with if that makes sense, I only play on book of dead or lord of the ocean on the 1 line, and had retriggers and premium symbols, 1 full screen a few 3 expanding and then 4. I’ve had explorers twice and never had more than 2 expanding
  14. With this eventful week coming to a close, I hit another couple of stunners - I actually find it hard to believe, as I'm not used to hitting these >2500x wins. Never had anything like this in DHV base game before, just knew it had to be good with those triple 6x wilds landing. The Beast Mode feature dropped in naturally after approx. 70 spins, and I didn't gamble it. Such an insane slot, I had no idea it was going to be this massive in terms of multiplier, thought maybe 600-700x at best, hehe... But just goes to show you can win big on it without buying/gambling the feature...
  15. Book of dead- 7 screenies https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/book-of-dead-play-n-go?gameCategory=video-slots Bigger bass bonanza- 7 screenies https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-games/online-slots/reviews/bigger-bass-bonanza-pragmatic-play?gameCategory=video-slots Total 91
  16. Is it possible to delete the others? Or do something about them ? Then i only use this one in the future...?
  17. All of my papers was approved the day after me Asking for a withdrawal. I asked for the money 0605.2022, all papers approved 07.05.2022 Its Quit some time ago and my withdrawal still stand AS pending. Its 10 000NOK , thatd about 1000€ i think,
  18. I used the only metode they offered me, my MasterCard from Revolut I'm sorry for using do much time before answering, but i'm kind of new (om the forum) and could'nt find back
  19. raw with 96.5% rtp.... currently with over 100% rtp on it LTD, still would be nice to get a 100x+ bonus.
  20. One thing u need to know that my big wins on golden ticket 2 have come mostly on highweb casinos. I believe they have a good rtp as there is a max cashout limit. You play raw money i guess.
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