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  3. you've had hundreds upon hundreds of features on bonanza and that would be thousands of spins worth of feature spins, yet not once you have had a 117,649 ways during those free spins. has anyone had 117k is there a video of it. cause if not then the feature reels are not same as base game.
  4. I'm not entirely sure if they are all new to be honest, but I can certainly check for you if you'd like? @Fiekie247
  5. Types of Slot Machines: Understanding Different Gambling Machines
  6. Not sure if it does use different reel bands/weightings in the bonus - well, never seen 117k in the bonus and rarely see above 20k MW as well I went about 15 bonus's at one point all sub 50, then it'll go through periods of 100-150x and wing in the odd 500 Definitely harder to get 500x plus now than 2 years ago - without a doubt
  7. if you hadn't had those monster base game hits then how different would things be. Big hits like that keep players playing on. I am waiting for something good like that, so far my best base game is just 50.7x and best feature is 327.95x. Try some manual spins , mixed between the autoplay. see if that makes any difference in getting the features. more delay between spins. etc. 5000 spins is incredibly long time not to get a feature. Some people do just 100 spins and if they get no feature they play on a different day or few hours later.
  8. after you had the 264.75xBet feature (nice of you to have it on 2quid and not 40p like some of the other times you play on) it will have to throw in a few rubbish ones. (still reading through that mega thread, up to page 60, so many crazy stats that are being talked about there, people getting consecutive rubbish bonuses of say 40 in a row all under 50x) yet these people that are complaining continue to keep playing cause of serious bonanza addiction. my last few features on bonanza are like this, 298.95x, 28.25x, 323.95x, 62.5x, 28.95x, 178.05x, 79.2x, 25.2x. Multiple times certain people have said they won't play it again and they came back to it. What is it about this game. The cascades? other games have it, the fast pace tune? the unlimited multiplier in features? Does Bonanza by any chance use a different set of reels during the feature than it does for the base game... I wonder about that cause we know there are slots that use different reels for features. Are they messing with it during features who knows?
  9. Soon as i said it one of the groups sends out emails reminding folk of RG - - whatever
  10. Then the dark side of bonanza, probably about 12 spins later....19 quid i went in with so 5x, ooft.
  11. had a weird session last night: Sky Vegas was going bonus mad: one in the first spin as well. Best was this, rest were rubbishy.
  12. Some online casinos have ramped up their Covid marketing: AG sites in particular and Nektan are bombarding my email box. Almost like they sense the boredom in households. Others have been quite quiet; possibly not wanting to look like they're milking it.
  13. I personally tried bonanza the pass 2 weeks - Goling without cascading in 2 of my sessions - Goling in 1 of my sessions with cascades, but never that D.. I know if it takes long to cascade the spin ends - Other winning session, 700 spins, x1000 in profit of base game wins and I think 2 GOL's and I am over 5000 spins within the same casino over 4 different sessions. Not a single bonus.Played of the SG platform. I heard lately the QF platforms performs better these days. I had 2 decent base game hits x620 could not capture that screenie and you know that over x800 from 2 weeks ago. 2 sessions I was above the 80% range balance after over 1000 - 1500 spins on 4.00 zar and then one session I ended up the 40% range balance after over 1000 spins and 1 session I ended up being over x1000 in profit from the session. 90% of bets at 4 zar and the other 10 % at 2 zar
  14. Gave some other BTG slots some spins, but some session the same slot is cold and other times its giving wins, you gotta hit and run with BTG but I sometimes overstay hoping for it to give a good batch but pay the price. Take Starquest for example first time played it it was almost completely dead spins in the 25 spin batch (RTP 20.8%). then 2nd time played it and it was giving frequent wins and peaked at 29x, finished on it 11x after 75 spins (RTP 114.2% ), but 3rd time gave it 25 spins and it took 19x from me (RTP 23.4%). Then Queen of Riches first time played it it was good, finished 60x up on it (25sp batch) (RTP 344% ) but then 2nd time played it (on same day) and gave it too many spins (175) and it took 85x from me. (RTP 51%), overstaying BTG slots when they are cold most unlikely for them to turn around to give decent win. Went over to Dazzle Me and that gave me 60x, not a diamond beam in sight in 62 spins, very strange (usually you get some diamond beams this time NONE, no free spins (couple times it teased with double scatters) but it gave a few good wins along the way, 18x 29x, 30x thus finished 60x up on it. (RTP 196%) Best 3 wins from BTG today was all on Q_of_R in the first session today when it gave 33x, 28x, 19x. However in the 2nd session on Q_of_R (175 spins) best was just 16x. Best from Starquest was just 2x (25 spins) (RTP 23.4%). Note: tried playing a couple of new NetEnt slots Wilderline & TwinSpin Deluxe but they were too slow on the old lappy and had to quit after 1 spin cause the were taking a minute to finish one spin (or it won't even finish the spin as the reels keep spinning in slow mo but won't stop) so unplayable. Why doesn't NetEnt have an option to use slots in low graphics quality, they used to have that did they remove those options from all slots?
  15. hard choice but if i did olove the girl.. i will loose my fav. hobby for her
  16. @SlotKing89 Please don't use external links in your posts. TIA.
  17. I opened a few of them from what i saw only some have?
  18. I suppose they have these as new sign up offers right?
  19. Hey guys, here is a list of Easter promotions for you all to try out! I hope everyone is staying entertained during these crazy times! CryptoWild (<SNIP> ) The Easter bunny is on his way to CryptoWild Casino, and instead of leaving chocolate eggs, this year he is dropping Promos you would be hopping mad to miss! Up to 40 Free Spins with EVERY deposit today on these awesome slots: Wild Easter Lemur does Vegas Hello Easter! Every minimum deposit of 0.002 BTC* gets you 25 Free Spins Every minimum deposit of 0.004 BTC** gets you 40 Free Spins Max win is UNLIMITED! Available only on April 12, 2020 (UTC) *Casinos T&C apply. BetChain (SNIP) BetChain have decided to keep the good times rolling and celebrate Easter by packing in the promotions this month! Are you ready for another week of April Madness?? The second week of our April Madness includes: April 8 - 50% Reload Wednesday + 25 Free Spins the next day April 9 - 20% cashback on ALL losses of the day, wager x3 April 10 - 30% bonus on ALL deposits of the day April 11 - 20 or 40 Free Spins on ALL deposits of the day April 12 - 30% / 40% / 55% bonuses on first THREE deposits April 13 - 20% Cashback on ALL deposits of the day April 14 - 20 or 40 Free Spins on ALL deposits of the day *Casinos T&C apply. Slotty Vegas ( https://slottyvegas.com/en/welcome-pack-350 ) Head down to Slotty Vegas this easter and indulge in these hopping mad promotions: €350 BONUS + 135 FREE SPINS Get 4 deposit bonuses with Slotty Vegas's Welcome Package Sourced from NetentCasino *Casinos T&C apply. Please add your promotions for us to enjoy !
  20. i believe i saw the differentiation before i saw this post and was amazed at how good it looked. Wow good job, really gives fresh and new vibes!
  21. One UK affiliate that does youtube slot videos has admitted that sign ups are up significantly during this time. More people staying at home and gambling money at online casinos.
  22. BetChain 7 days of April madness, in celebration of Bgaming’s Avalon the Lost Kingdom, is coming to an end, and they saved the best for last. For the whole of today, you can expect to receive 20 or 40 FREE SPINS on ALL of your deposits. Here are the juicy details: < snip >
  23. Sadly Novibet appear to have ceased all 'free' free spins in the UK - gone from 2/3 sets to now zero: they chuck in the odd 5 quid free bet but that's about it.
  24. i hope i proof now my activity and have now enough posts to join so i post again my reviews Bettson: https://www.askgamblers.com/casino/betsson-casino-review-r2305#review-5e52a008230f7a714c59c5e2 Platincasino: https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/platincasino-review/#review-5e4c9e73118808452c395fc5 Frank&Fred: https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/frank-fred-casino-review/#review-5e4b51b24c80d15842090aa7 Casumo: https://www.askgamblers.com/casino/casumo-casino-review-r4456#review-5e4b48697f3bf75a3f5c1052
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