Explore the Universe in Gamebookers Casino's $70,000 Space Race

Explore the Universe in Gamebookers Casino's $70,000 Space Race

Blast off into the New Year at Gamebookers Casino with the $70,000 Space Race. Starting 31 December and running through 10 January, the Space Race gives you the chance to compete against other Gamebookers players to win up to $5,000 cash! With a total of 3,800 prizes being given out among three separate loyalty-based leaderboards, everyone has a fair chance to win. Start playing today, launch your rocket, and see how far you can go.

Step 1: Opt Into the Gamebookers Casino Space Race

Gamebookers Casino - Space Race

To start playing the $70,000 Space Race, you will need to officially opt-in. This only takes a second and is completely free. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  • Click this link to go directly to Gamebookers Casino.
  • If you aren't already a member, hit "Register Now!" on the top to create your Gamebookers Casino account.
  • Log into the casino using your username and password.
  • While on the Gamebookers Casino website, click the "Promotions & News" link, and then select "Blast Off".
  • Scroll down a bit on the page until you see the orange "Opt-in" button. After pressing it, you will be instantly entered into the Space Race.

Step 2: Launch Your Rocket

As soon as you are opted into the $70,000 Space Race, you can start competing against the other players. Your score is determined by the number of comp points you accumulate by playing Gamebookers Casino's slots (including classic and jackpot slots), blackjack, roulette, or video poker games.

Gamebookers Casino has separated the prizes into three separate leaderboards that are based on your current loyalty level. This ensures that all players, including low rollers, can have a fair chance to win a prize. Bronze and Silver players share the first leaderboard, Gold players have the second leaderboard, and VIP players have the third leaderboard. You should be able to find your current loyalty level in your account page. Contact the Gamebookers Casino customer service department if you are not sure where you stand.

Step 3: Win Your Prize

When the $70,000 Space Race ends on 10 January, Gamebookers Casino will evaluate where all players who opted in stand on their respective leaderboards. You will then win the prize that corresponds to where you fit on your leaderboard. The top prize in each leaderboard is a cash sum. Players in the middle will receive cash bonuses, and the last qualifying players will receive reload bonuses. See the promotional page on Gamebookers Casino's website for a full prize breakdown.

Gamebookers Casino will credit prizes within 24 hours of the Space Race's end date (10 January). If you receive a bonus as your prize, there will be some wagering requirements attached. You can easily review these in your casino cashier before you begin playing.

Blast Off at Gamebookers Casino Today

If you're looking for a fair wagering contest, we definitely recommend Gamebookers Casino's $70,000 Space Race. With three separate leaderboards and over 3,000 prizes being given out, it's hard not to win! Get started today and see how far you can venture into the Final Frontier.

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