EuroPartners Casinos to Cease Operations in Canada, Finland, and the Netherlands

EuroPartners Casinos to Cease Operations in Canada, Finland, and the Netherlands

Due to changes in gaming regulations, the EuroPartners group of Playtech Casinos casinos (Vegas Red Casino, Bellini Casino, Europa Casino, and Casino Tropez) is ending operations within Canada, Finland, and the Netherlands. Players from these countries who have accounts at any EuroPartners casino are now prohibited from depositing, but will not have their accounts completely closed until 24 December.

What players will be affected by this change?

Only Canadian, Finnish, and Dutch players at Vegas Red Casino, Bellini Casino, Europa Casino, or Casino Tropez will have their accounts closed on Tuesday, 24 December.

How will the account closing process work?

The EuroPartners group of casinos has already removed the deposit section from all Canadian, Finnish, and Dutch players' cashier windows. In order to accommodate players from these three countries who still have money in their account, all accounts will remain fully open and functional until Tuesday, 24 December. During this time, these players can use any existing balances to play the games in the EuroPartners casinos and cash out normally.

If you have an account at a EuroPartners casino and reside in Canada, Finland, or the Netherlands, just make sure you withdraw any remaining balance in your account before 24 December. You still have plenty of time to play the games in the casino to try and grow your balance.

Why is EuroPartners excluding Canada, Finland, and the Netherlands from its list of accepted countries?

The EuroPartners group has decided that pulling out of the Canadian, Finnish, and Dutch markets is best after evaluating some changes in each country's gaming regulations. This decision only affects casinos that are within the EuroPartners network.

I have a specific question about my account.

If you would like to get more information about these changes regarding your account, contact a support representative at your chosen EuroPartners casino. Every casino within the EuroPartners network has stellar customer service available 24/7 through live chat, phone, or email. In most cases, you can get your questions answered in just a few minutes.

As a resident of Canada, Finland, or the Netherlands, what other casinos are available to me?

If you are in need of a new casino to try, head over to our casino index to see what is available. You can filter our list of sites based on your country, allowing you to quickly browse through all of the casinos that will allow you to sign up. Our casino index also contains pertinent information about each casino, an up-to-date CasinoRank calculated out of 10 stars, and reviews from actual players to help you make the best choice.