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Publicado el 11 de mayo de 2024

I deposited 5000 inr on 13th April and shared valid payment receipt with them but they have not credited my money, I have contacted them dozens of times and wasted over ten hours in repeating issues with their live support which is unresponsive. My user id is 12332883 and username is < username removed >

Bcgame has not shown any interest in crediting my payment and has been waiting for 28 days. Askgamblers pls help my deposit credited at bc game.

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Publicado el 12 de mayo de 2024

Thieves have kept my amount since 29 days and don't bother, and have the shamelessness to mention they fulfilled order id made on 13th April to an order I'd pending somewhere in 9th April, also they are shameless enough to mention they credited some other user id. Not a single casino so far in my knowledge has gone so low ever. Everyone don't keep any money here as they they have no ethics, proof is shared in screenshots. Just because I started winning a little they don't want me to play there and start these antics. I am giving proof in screenshots of their live support implicating themselves in their own scam.

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Publicado el 12 de mayo de 2024

Order Details:
Deposit Amount: 5000.00000 INR
Order ID: F-1796­211­240­605­498659
Status: Processing
Created Time: 13/04/2024, 14:58:47

13/04/2024, 14:58:47
Merchant Information
Merchant ID:
Appeal in process
Appeal Failed
Appeal ticket ID
Deposit receipt has been successfully credited to another Order ID.

Pls investigate this theft of funds
5:49 pm
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I apologize if you have missed my message above.

It shows that the order ID 1796211240605498659 has been raised to our Payments team on ticket ID 6083302.

This deposit receipt has been credited successfully, and the corresponding order is 1795861097951684476 UID: 32575725

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Publicado el 12 de mayo de 2024

This is the message the thief bc game team messages me wherein my payment of 13th April is credited to another user id fulfilling a pending order of some date near to 9th April as indicated by the order number. A clear scam which exposes itself done by bc game, it shows that bc game has zero ethics and no bottom and nobody is safe here and no funds are safe. I have been bitten by this snake and every other gambler is warned.

Publicado el 13 de mayo de 2024


The merchant has requested that we need statement from the date of transaction till today and also a video proof Please follow the guidelines for video proof, as mentioned below. You can send this video to here in the thread or you can send it to [email protected]

Steps to follow for video proof:

1. Prepare two devices: use one for executing the appeal process and the other to record the entire procedure. If using a computer, ensure the website URL is visible at all times.

2. Navigate to Google Play or the App Store on the first device.

3. Locate and launch your bank or payment service app by searching for it in the store.

4. Log into your banking app, making sure to conceal your password during the process.

5. Access and display your profile or account details, including the account name and number.

6. Proceed to the transaction history section and present the most recent transactions, covering both incoming and outgoing payments that correspond with the time of the purchase. These should be in the same currency and from the account used for the transaction.

7. To highlight a particular payment, select it from the transaction list to show its details.

8. Provide comprehensive information about the selected transaction, including the total amount with currency, sender/receiver's name, their account number, transaction date and time, and the current status.

Best Regards

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Publicado el 13 de mayo de 2024

I thought you would be intelligent enough to understand the issue and the data provided that you are not disputing my payment and you acknowledge my payment but you yourself are putting my amount and payment to a several days old order and to some other user account. Can you explain what my payment done on 13th April was fulfilled to an order id several days older like 9th April and to some other user account and not added to my account? Did you read through the text provided so far? Confirm if I need to send the video proof and statement as you haven't disputed my payment but acknowledged it and credited to some other user account. Screenshot and text and everything is provided if you will only go through!

Publicado el 13 de mayo de 2024

We understand your issue, But we need these proofs to check how the amount was credited to other users account once we have these proofs it will help us authenticate with the said bank and we will be able to assist further.

Best Regards

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Publicado el 13 de mayo de 2024

Statement password is VAIB0406

Statement from 1st April to today

Video recording

Now credit my hard earned money you thieves what more antics you can do now?

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Publicado el 13 de mayo de 2024

Pay my money now enough tricks I will go play elsewhere keep on trying to rob new fishes.

Publicado el 13 de mayo de 2024

These links are not working. Please forward it to [email protected]

Best Regards
Panda - BC.GAME

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Publicado el 13 de mayo de 2024

Due to the size of files my email doesn't permit

Statement which has password VAIB0406

Video of account

I want my money right now!

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