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Enter the Matrix at Paf Casino

Enter the Matrix at Paf Casino

Paf Casino has just released one of the most innovative features we have seen in a long time. It's called the Casino Matrix, and we think you'll find it quite useful. In the past, players were stuck playing one game at a time. Although this certainly isn't boring, sometimes you need to add a little extra spice to get the thrill you're looking for. Rather than just add more money to your bet, you can now try out multiple games at the same time through the Paf Casino Matrix.

What is the Casino Matrix?

When you load up your Paf Casino menu, you now have the option to play with the Matrix. Paf Casino has designed the Matrix with their exclusive system they call "portals". The Matrix contains four of these portals. When you first open it, each portal will contain its own game menu that you can use to load up a game.

Once you open a menu, you are free to select any of the games on the site. This is a particularly powerful concept since Paf Casino offers a multitude of games from a variety of software providers. These include, but are not limited to, NetEnt, Boss Media, Jadestone, and Play N' Go. Altogether, the Paf Casino Matrix contains dozens of games with immeasurable variety.

Once you have loaded one game in one portal, you can then load other games in the other portals. Due to the design of the Matrix, you can play with up two four different games. However, you do not have to use every portal. You can, if you wish, just play one, two, or three games at a time.

What are the Benefits to the Casino Matrix?

After you've loaded all the games you want to play, you can use the integrated Spin button on the bottom to spin each game at the same time. This saves you a considerable amount of effort and gives you more entertainment value for your time. There's really nothing quite as thrilling as watching your favorite games spinning in unison. Who knows? One day you might get a simultaneous burst of feature madness!

You may be thinking, "How do I keep track of my bets?" The Matrix makes this easy with its unified panels. Look at the Balance section to see the amount of money you have left in your bankroll. As you adjust your bet for each of your open games, the Bet section will adjust to reflect the total amount of cash you're wagering per spin. This allows you to stay aware of your overall wager. Finally, as you score wins, the Win section will notify you of how much cash you made in the previous spinning cycle.

The final advantage to playing with the Casino Matrix is the ability to spread your wagers. This method of betting will actually cost you less in the long run. Instead of betting €1 a spin on a single game, you can get even more of a thrill by betting €0.25 a spin on four games. The overall bet is the same, but you have 4x the chance of getting a feature hit.

If you want to give the Casino Matrix a try, just head on over to Paf Casino today. If you don't already have an account, it only takes a minute of your time to get one. With their immense game selection and an innovative new way to play, it's definitely worth checking out.

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