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EGR Power Affiliates 2011

EGR Power Affiliates 2011

On March 17th, eGaming Review released its annual Power Affiliates of 2011 list. The company is often heralded as the largest authority in the online gambling industry and primary source of industry news. Understandably, EGR takes great consideration in composing this list to honor online casino affiliates who are leading the way in the industry. We are very excited to share that AskGamblers has earned the top spot on the Power Affiliates list. AskGamblers shares this list with several other leading affiliates, and we are proud to be held in equally high regard.

In creating their list, eGaming Review has taken a large number of industry professionals and used their direct input to determine which affiliates are the most powerful. Affiliates really are the lifeblood of this exciting industry, bearing the responsibility of directing players to the most reputable online casinos and providing them with all the information they need to have an enjoyable experience. AskGamblers has worked very hard at giving players reliable information so that they can be safe while playing online. We are grateful to eGaming Review for recognizing our efforts.

Earning a place as a Power Affiliate of 2011 requires meeting an extensive list of criteria. With so many remarkably professional affiliates competing for a position, the standards were set very high. Power Affiliates must be directly involved with the player base. Qualities of a Power Affiliate include giving players the means to resolve issues and the information they need to have a hassle-free gaming experience.

In addition to being player-centric, EGR's Power Affiliates of 2011 also have to have a good rapport among the affiliate community. These affiliates have to have demonstrated interest in the industry of online gaming and be a part of the constant process of improvement within the Internet gambling world. It has been very hard work in earning this position, and AskGamblers is so very proud to have met these rigorous standards.

AskGamblers strives to provide gamblers with a quality information portal that they can trust. We could not have accomplished this without our fantastic team of industry professionals. Their devotion to improving the world of online gambling and desire to provide both players and affiliates with the latest Internet gaming news are what have made our spot on EGR's list possible. We are delighted to have them and thank each and every one for their contributions to make AskGamblers the top Power Affiliate of 2011.

Of course, AskGambers does not stand alone on eGaming Review's list. We are honored to stand with other remarkable, powerful affiliates. These affiliates have gone to great lengths in bettering the online gaming industry. Without the professional influence of other Power Affiliates like Casinomeister, Games and Casino, Casino City, and others, AskGamblers would not be where it is today.

We are so excited to be a part of the massive world of online gaming and to be involved with the great people in it. It is the goal of AskGamblers to ensure that players and affiliates can be connected to the best of the online gaming world. We are truly thankful to EGR for placing us on their Power Affiliates list for two years in a row, and will continue our efforts to improve the world of online gaming for players, affiliates, and casinos.

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