Domgame Casino's Official Christmas Slot Tournament

Domgame Casino's Official Christmas Slot Tournament

Domgame Casino is undoubtedly the place to be over the next week. To celebrate the final days of the Christmas season, they have scheduled one of the largest tournaments they have ever held. It's the Christmas Slot Tournament, and you are invited to participate. Starting on the 23rd of December, all you need to do is start playing any of their excellent NetEnt video slots. If you're lucky, you could end up with your share of €10,000!

Joining the Christmas Slot Tournament

Domgame Casino

Domgame Casino doesn't want to leave anyone out of the action that they have in store for the final week of the holiday season. As long as you deposit a total of at least €100 between the 23rd and the 31st, you'll be eligible to win a cash prize. If you're ready to start competing against your fellow players for the €1000 top award, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Domgame Casino website.
  • If you aren't already registered here, click the Open Account link on the top-right.
  • Log in using your username and password.
  • Go to your account and make a deposit. Make sure your deposits total €100 before the 31st.
  • Play any of Domgame Casino's NetEnt slot games.

Although their website states that you will need to make at least 100 spins to qualify, we can assure you that you'll want to make many more. Read on to see how this competition is set up.

Competition Structure

Domgame Casino has kept it simple for their official Christmas Slot Tournament. All players whose deposits total €100 over the week of the 23rd - 31st will be considered for the final prizes. In order to win, you must be one of the top 100 players who have wagered the most money on any of the video slots available at Domgame Casino. Because of the way this is set up, it is crucial that you give yourself an early start. Those who begin wagering after the 23rd will have a much harder time catching up in the ranks.

Another tip we recommend is sticking to a reasonable bet size. The object here isn't to have the biggest win: it's to bet the most. Consider both your bankroll and the amount of time you have to play, then decide on a moderate amount that will allow you to wager a fair amount of money within the timeframe you have picked.


As the final competition that Domgame Casino is throwing this year, the Christmas Slot Tournament offers phenomenal prizes. With a first place prize of €1000 and numerous other prizes for all players down to the 100th place, there is plenty of an incentive to participate. Below is the complete breakdown of prizes.

  • 1st Place: €1000
  • 2nd Place: €650
  • 3rd Place: €500
  • 4th Place: €375
  • 5th Place: €250
  • 6th - 10th Place: €200
  • 11th - 15th Place: €150
  • 20th - 25th Place: €100
  • 26th - 54th Place: €75
  • 55th - 100th Place: €50

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