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Visa Debit Casinos 2019 | Casinos Accepting Visa Debit

Visa Debit is an official debit card from Visa, one of the world's largest financiers. With it, you can make payments directly from your linked bank account. It is especially useful for depositing into online casinos, and is generally accepted at any site bearing the Visa logo.

Disclaimer for US Players

Although many US players are able to use their Visa Debit cards to deposit into various online casinos, doing so may put your card at risk due to UIGEA regulations. For this reason we recommend that you use a prepaid Visa card instead of one linked to your main bank accounts.

Overview of Visa Debit

Like all debit cards, Visa Debit works by transferring funds from a linked checking account and sending them to any merchant that accepts the card. Online casinos use processors to handle these transactions that allow the funds to be credited to your balance immediately.

In order to obtain a Visa Debit card, you'll need to have an account with a bank that uses Visa Debit as its check card. The process of obtaining an account and receiving your Visa Debit card generally requires several business days.

Depositing with Visa Debit

Adding funds to your online casino account with Visa Debit is simple. First find an online casino bearing the Visa logo. Since they are one of the most popular funding options in the industry, this shouldn't be too difficult. Then log into your account at that casino and find the casino's bank, cashier, or account funding section. Choose “Visa”, “Visa Debit”, or just “credit card”, then fill out the fields, including your card number and the amount you'd like to deposit.

Funds should be available immediately after hitting submit. If you encounter any problems, first check that you have sufficient funds in your linked checking account. Then contact the casino's support for further assistance.

Advantages of Visa Debit

The primary advantage of using Visa Debit at online casinos is the level of convenience it gives you. You don't have to go through the hassles of creating an account with any third-party payment processor, and the funds are available in your casino account instantly after making the deposit.

Additionally, Visa Debit allows you to control your expenses, which is something that a conventional Visa credit card cannot do.

Disadvantages of Visa Debit

Unfortunately there are some negative aspects to using Visa Debit. Because you have to disclose your credit card number each time you use the card to deposit, there is more risk in depositing with Visa Debit than there is with a third-party online processor. Although casinos are generally encrypted, this technology does not protect you if your computer gets infected with certain types of malware.

Visa Debit does not generally function as a withdrawal method either. If you would like to withdraw back to the bank account it is linked to, ask the casino about its bank transfer solutions.

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