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Transfer Money Casinos 2019

Numerous online casinos allow players to transfer money in order to deposit into an online casino. This method is also often used as a withdrawal method. If you'd like to transfer money to bank with an online casino, check with any of the online casinos listed on this page, or ask a support representative at your casino for more information.

How to Transfer Money as a Deposit

If you would like to transfer money to an online casino as a deposit, you'll need to find a transfer money service in your area that your casino supports. Two of the most prominent international service providers are MoneyGram and Western Union, but other services exist. The most important thing is to find a transfer money service that can be used easily by both you and the casino.

Once you have found a service, get the necessary information from the casino that you need to transfer money. This may include an address, a name, and other identification. Then go to the local branch of your money transfer service with enough cash for the deposit and applicable fees. Fill out a form, hand it to an agent, and provide the necessary cash to complete the transfer. You will likely be provided with a receipt number of some kind; make sure you give it to the casino as soon as possible so they can identify your deposit.

The time for transfers varies among service providers and depending on where the casino is located. This process may be done in as little as 1 business day, but will ultimately vary based on casino policy. Stay in contact with your chosen casino after you transfer money to ensure that your deposit gets manually credited as quickly as possible.

How to Transfer Money as a Withdrawal

If you would like your casino to send you a withdrawal through a transfer money service, first find a service in the cashier that works for you. Then provide them with the necessary information to send the transfer. The casino should inform you when the transfer is complete and provide you with a receipt code to pick up your money. Once you get notice, visit your local branch of the transfer money service to pick up your withdrawal, less any applicable fees.

Advantages of Transfer Money

If you opt to transfer money to deposit or withdraw, you will find that it is a much more secure process than using an online service or credit card. Since you don't have to disclose any sensitive financial information during the process, there's no risk of credit card or bank fraud. In fact, using the transfer money method is one of the few ways you can play without either a credit card or bank account.

Disadvantages of Transfer Money

Unfortunately, transfer money services are usually some of the most expensive banking methods for playing at an online casino. Fees are often a flat charge rather than a sliding percentage, so in general, the more you deposit at a time, the less the fees will eat into your play time. However, you should check with your particular transfer money service beforehand for exact details.

Additionally, transfer money services are not instant. They require some time to send the money to a participating location in your casino's region, and then the casino will need some time to pick up your money and verify that it belongs to you. The time this process takes can vary greatly, so you should talk to a casino representative before you transfer money to deposit.

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