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Internet Cash - Deposit Casino Methods

InternetCash is an online prepaid card service that allows users to purchase goods and services through participating merchants. Some online casinos allow their users to deposit with this service. Unlike similar services, InternetCash cards are not provided through Visa or Mastercard, but rather through a select number of independent retailers. If you'd like to deposit through InternetCash, sign up at any of the casinos listed on this page.

Obtaining an InternetCash Card

Unfortunately, information on obtaining an InternetCash card is difficult to find through the InternetCash website. If you're interested in getting a card, you will need to either contact their support department or a representative at the supported casino you have chosen to get further instructions for your particular circumstance.

Once you have found a method of obtaining an InternetCash card, you should receive a 20-digit code allowing you to make purchases through InternetCash retailers immediately. Make sure you keep the PIN they provide you for additional security: you need it to complete any deposit. Then, load your card using any of the options available for your particular country.

Depositing with InternetCash

Once you have money on your InternetCash card, you're ready to start using it to deposit. Log into the casino's cashier section and find ‚ÄúInternetCash‚ÄĚ from the list of available options. Then enter the amount you wish to deposit, your 20-digit card number, and your PIN to complete the payment. As long as you have enough money on your virtual card to fund the transaction, your deposit should be available for play immediately.

Advantages of InternetCash

InternetCash is a unique option in the prepaid card market for several reasons. First, it is completely virtual: once you find a retailer that supplies InternetCash, you can sign up and begin using your card without having to wait for a physical card to come in the mail. Additionally, it is an independent brand with limited use, greatly reducing the odds of you being the target of a fraud attempt.

Disadvantages of InternetCash

Unfortunately, information about InternetCash is scarce. It is apparent that you must find an independent retailer that supplies the cards, but InternetCash does not provide any information about where you can find one. You will need to either send InternetCash an email asking for a referral, making sure you state your country of residence, or see if your casino of choice can set up an account for you.

Please note that InternetCash is an independent prepaid card brand, meaning that it is only accepted at locations that explicitly support InternetCash. If you are looking for a Visa or Mastercard prepaid option, you will need to find another service.

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