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Direct Money - Deposit Casino Methods

Direct money (more commonly known as a wire transfer or bank transfer) is a method of sending money directly from one bank account to another. For online casino players, direct money is a widely supported method of both depositing funds into and withdrawing funds from an online casino account. It is supported by all of the direct money casinos listed on this page.

Depositing with Direct Money

To make a deposit through direct money, you will need to first get some information from your casino of choice. This will include a bank account number and other bank information. Once you have all the information you need, go to your bank's local branch and ask to make a wire transfer. Provide the casino's banking information, along with how much you'd like to deposit, to complete the transfer. Your bank may charge a fee for this service.

After the funds are sent, notify the casino's customer service about your deposit. Once they receive notification that your money has hit their bank account, the casino will manually credit your balance with your deposit. This amount may be reduced by a fee charged by the casino's receiving bank, so inquire beforehand about any charges that may apply.

Withdrawing via Direct Money

Receiving funds from an online casino through direct money is fairly simple. When you go to request a wtihdrawal in the casino cashier, you will need to provide your bank information. Depending on your jurisdiction, this may include an account number, IBAN, BIC, and/or SWIFT number. If you are unsure about what you need, contact the casino, then visit your bank branch, give them a call, or visit their website to get the information.

The casino should notify you when they submit your payment. Although direct money transfers are instant, your bank may take anywhere from 1 to 7 business days to clear the payment.

Advantages of Direct Money

Direct money is one of the most easily accessible banking methods for online casino players. It is accepted at a majority of online casinos for both depositing and withdrawing and can be used in more countries than most other methods. As long as you are an account holder at a bank or other participating financial institution, you can use direct money.

Disadvantages of Direct Money

The fees associated with direct money are generally flat. This means that low-rollers will end up paying a much higher percentage of their deposits in fees than they would with most other methods. For this reason, you should check to see what fees your bank and the casino will charge for a direct money transfer in either direction before you initiate one. You will likely find that other methods are more cost-effective.

Direct money also falls short of other methods in terms of time. Although a direct money transfer is actually conducted instantly, a bank has to take time to process the payment in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. This means that your deposit may not be available for play for up to a week after you send it in. Ask the casino if you're interested in a more specific timeframe for your particular circumstance.

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