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Barcode Santander is a system of payment vouchers developed by the Santander Group of banks. The system allows for players in certain regions to deposit into participating online casinos using cash. For a list of Barcode Santander casinos, see this page.


In order to conduct a deposit with Barcode Santander, you will need to have a local Santander branch or participating business in your area. These are commonly found around the world, but if you do not have any business in your area that supports Santander transactions, you will need to find a different deposit option.

Depositing with Barcode Santander

To make a deposit via Barcode Santander, log into your casino of choice and select the “Barcode Santander” option from the list of available deposit methods. Enter the amount you would like to deposit, then print out the voucher. Take this voucher and the necessary amount of cash to a local Santander servicer. The payment will then be available in your account immediately.

Advantages of Barcode Santander

Barcode Santander is one of the few methods that allows players to deposit directly with cash. At no point during a Barcode Santander transaction do you have to provide any personal or financial information. If you do not have a credit card or bank account, or would simply like to keep this information private, Barcode Santander is an excellent choice.

Barcode Santander is widely available around the world. Although the Santander Group is most prevalent in Spain and Latin America, Santander branches can be found in several areas in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Africa as well.

Disadvantages of Barcode Santander

Unlike many other deposit options, Barcode Santander requires players to travel to the nearest Santander location and conduct an in-person transaction. This may or may not outweigh the privacy benefits that Barcode Santander offers, depending on your personal preferences.

Barcode Santander does not work as a method of withdrawal. As such, it's important for players to consider their withdrawal options at a particular casino before making a Barcode Santander deposit. Always talk to a support representative at your casino before depositing if you have any questions about cashing out.

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