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The Russian ruble is the official currency of Russia, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, with some unofficial use in many former Soviet states. The official abbreviation for the ruble is RUB. Amounts of rubles are often notated with the symbol “py6” or “PP”. Due to the growth of online gaming in Russia, an increasing number of online casinos are accepting rubles for deposits and withdrawals. A list of Russian rubles casinos can be found on this page.

Overview of the Russian Ruble

Russian rubles have been used by Russia since 1921. However, the modern ruble (RUB) has only been in existence since 1998, after the old ruble (RUR) was revalued. If you live in a country that uses Russian rubles, you can play at several online casinos with the modern ruble. Many casinos that accept the ruble also accept some major international currencies. A good casino should be able to help you decide how to bank.

Exchanging the Russian Ruble

If you want to play at a Russian ruble online casino but don't use rubles, check to see if they offer games in other currencies. Frequently, an online casino that uses rubles will also offer support for euros, US dollars, or another major currency. If they do not, make sure your country is supported and that you can exchange into rubles to play. The casino's customer support service should assist you with this. Depending on the site, you may be able to use one of the e-wallets to do the exchange.

On the other hand, if you use Russian rubles but want to play at a casino that does not accept them, make sure players from your country are accepted at the casino. If so, check to see if the casino can exchange your rubles for a different currency, or refer you to an e-wallet or exchange service that can. This is a good opportunity to check the quality of the casino's support before you deposit, as well.

Banking with the Russian Ruble

The Russian ruble is seeing a growing number of compatible online payment services. As such, online casinos that accept rubles typically offer several deposit options. These usually include credit cards, international or local e-wallets, bank transfers, and physical or digital vouchers. The fees and clearing times for these options vary, so consult the casino's cashier or customer support team for detailed information.

Withdrawing rubles can be done through a number of e-wallets, bank transfer services, and other online payment services, depending on the casino. Check which options are available to you before making your first deposit. Also make sure to investigate the timeframes and fees that apply for every option.

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