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Norwegian kronor (or “crowns”) are the official currency of Norway and its dependent territories. The krone's official symbol is NOK. Although it is not a major currency in the international business world, it is used for some transactions across borders, particularly online. Online gamblers looking to play in Norwegian kronor can try any of the casinos listed on this page.

Overview of Norwegian Kronor

Most transactions involving Norwegian kronor take place within Norway. However, some international online casinos accept NOK. Although online gambling is somewhat restricted in Norway, some third-party payment services make it possible for Norwegians to play in their local currency. The casinos on this page have taken measures to ensure that players from Norway can use kronor to deposit without any unnecessary hassles.

Exchanging Norwegian Kronor

If you want to play at a casino that accepts Norwegian kronor but do not live in Norway, you should check to see if the casino accepts other currencies. Most casinos that offer kronor also offer more major currencies, such as euros and UK pounds. These are generally much easier to buy from an exchange service and will provide you with more deposit and withdrawal methods.

If you are a resident of Norway with Norwegian kronor but want to play at a casino that does not accept kronor, you should first check that the casino accepts Norwegian players. If they do, check the deposit methods to see if there are any that work for Norwegian players depositing in kronor. You may need to exchange your kronor into euros or another major international currency before playing. Some e-wallets can do this instantly, but you may need the help of an independent exchange service instead. Ask your casino's support team for detailed assistance.

Banking with Norwegian Kronor

Depositing with Norwegian kronor is easy as long as you are a resident of Norway. There are a number of different deposit methods, including e-wallets, that can make managing your gambling funds easy. These will generally charge a small fee for their services, so it's in your interests to explore your options before settling on a deposit method.

Withdrawing the kronor is generally just as easy. If you can't find an e-wallet that suits your needs, you can just as easily request a bank transfer to receive the funds. Although direct bank transfers take longer and may incur larger fees, you can receive them in virtually any Norwegian bank. If you opt to use this method, make sure you provide the casino with accurate information about your account. Likewise, if you use an e-wallet, make sure you enter your account information properly.

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