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Euros are the official currency of the eurozone, which encompasses 17 countries within the European Union. The abbreviation of the euro is EUR. As of June 2012, the euro is the most abundant currency in the world, and it is used by over 300 million Europeans on a daily basis. If you are interested in playing online casino games with euros, see the list of casinos supporting euros on this page.

Overview of Euros

The euro plays a major role in international business, and hundreds of millions of euros are exchanged across the globe on a daily basis. In addition to its use in Europe, the euro also serves as the basis for currencies in Africa and other countries. People from all across the world can exchange their currency into euros with ease at virtually any money exchange service, including banks and online exchangers.

Exchanging for Euros

If you do not have euros, you can obtain them easily in virtually any country. If you're looking to obtain euros for online casino play, your online casino may be able to do this for you for no cost. Ask a live chat representative at your casino first, then make the deposit with your currency. If permitted, your balance will be updated with the number of euros your deposit is equal to at current exchange rates.

However, if your online casino does not do this exchanging, you'll need to exchange for euros before depositing. The fastest way to do this for online casino play is through an online third-party exchange service. Many e-wallets offer instant currency trades for a low fee. Once you have the euros, you can then deposit directly into the casino.

Banking with Euros

If you're looking to deposit euros into an online casino, you'll need to find a banking method that works for you. Many e-wallets and other money transfer services are based in specific countries and may not be available to you. Additionally, certain online casinos may only accept euros from residents of eurozone countries. For this reason, we recommend that you take a good look at the banking options on your casino's website before deciding to play with euros. Always talk to a casino support representative before depositing if you have any questions.

The same level of caution should be used if you wish to withdraw euros from an online casino. Depending on your location, you may have an abundance of options or a select few. Consider the timeframe and fees for each cashout option, and know which one you will be using before you even make a deposit to avoid unnecessary delays. If you live outside the eurozone and are receiving money by cheque or wire, ask if the casino can convert your euro winnings into your currency before processing the withdrawal. If not, you should be able to have the service performed at your bank or an online exchange service.

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