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Iceland Krona Casinos

The Iceland krona (or “crown”) is the official currency of Iceland. It is officially recognized by the abbreviation ISK. It is also often represented in text with the symbol “kr”. Some online casinos allow players to use the krona for deposits and withdrawals. A list of Iceland krona casinos is available on this page.

Overview of the Iceland Krona

Iceland has used the modern krona (ISK) as its currency since 1984, when the government developed it from the old krona (ISJ). The current krona is worth approximately 100 of the old kronur. While Iceland kronur are not a major international currency, a growing number of online casinos are accepting them for play.

Exchanging the Iceland Krona

If you’re a resident of Iceland who wants to play at an online casino that doesn’t use the krona, check to make sure Iceland is not prohbited from play. If you are allowed to play, see if the casino will allow you to exchange your krona for a different currency, such as the euro. If they are not able to do this themselves, they may be able to refer you to an e-wallet service with exchange functionality instead.

If you live outside of Iceland but want to play at an online casino that uses the krona, you should check to see if the casino also accepts your local currency or a major international currency. You should be able to find a deposit method that will let you deposit with one of these different currencies. If not, consider playing elsewhere.

Banking with the Iceland Krona

There are a good number of options available for players depositing with Iceland kronur. The most common ones are credit cards and international e-wallets. Some online casinos may feature money transfer services or e-money systems as well. Compare your options and find the one that works best for you in terms of fees and processing times.

If you are ready to withdraw, most online casinos allow you to cash out through multiple methods. This may be as simple as cashing out back to the e-wallet you used to deposit, or through a direct bank transfer. Other sites may allow you to withdraw via a paper check or money transfer services. If you have any questions about any of these methods, consult a casino support representative.

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