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The Hungarian forint is the official currency of Hungary. It is recognized internationally with the symbol HUF, and the sign Ft is used to denote the currency in text. While no concrete plan has been laid out yet by the Hungarian government, it is expected that the euro will replace the forint in the future. For a list of online casinos that currently accept the Hungarian forint, see this page.

Overview of the Hungarian Forint

The forint has been the official currency of Hungary since 1946, after the country’s previous currency was modified to compensate for inflation. Recently, the forint has become more prevalent in online transactions. Many online casinos are now accepting the forint for deposits and withdrawals.

Exchanging the Hungarian Forint

If you are a player in Hungary who wants to play at an online casino that does not accept the forint, you may be able to play through an exchange service. Most online casinos that accept Hungarians allow them to play with the euro, and some online casinos will exchange your forints into euros for you. Contact customer support at the casino for more information.

If you live outside of Hungary but want to play at a casino that uses the Hungarian forint, check to see if the casino also accepts your country’s currency. If not, make sure your country is listed on the registration form and not prohibited from play.

Banking with the Hungarian Forint

Depositing with the Hungarian forint is possible through a number of different methods. The most common ones are credit cards and international e-wallets, although some online casinos also feature international and local money transfer services. The fees for these options vary, so read through the information in the cashier or talk to the casino’s support before you make a deposit.

Most casinos also feature several methods of cashing out forints. The most common are e-wallet withdrawals and bank transfers; although, some sites may also feature paper checks and other money transfer services. It is recommended that you consider your withdrawal options, including fees, before depositing.

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