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Compete with Slot Idol at Genting Casino

Compete with Slot Idol at Genting Casino

Fall is quickly approaching, and that means another season of television singing competitions. Genting Casino wants to get in on the trend with their very own twist on this genre: Slot Idol. While it won't have humiliating auditions or witty dialogue, this promotion could very well bring you to your feet out of excitement. In Slot Idol, every player has a shot to win plenty of cash with a number of competitions.

If you don't already have an account, don't worry! You can register at Genting Casino today and start participating.

What Is Slot Idol?

Slot Idol is a multi-week promotion running only on Genting Casino through 13th October. Unlike popular television shows like The X Factor or Pop Idol, the contestants are the casino's most exciting video slots. The least-played slot each week gets knocked off the competition, until one slot is declared the winner.

But what do the players have to gain by participating? Genting Casino is also holding weekly competitions for the players themselves. With the total prize pool totaling £50,000, there's a lot of incentive to keep spinning at Genting Casino over the coming weeks.

The Contestants

In order to participate in Slot Idol, you must play only games that are still in the competition. Each spin of a game essentially counts as a "vote" for that game to stay in the running. With this structure, you can try to keep the games that seem to be the hottest in the contest simply by playing them. At the time of writing, these are the remaining contestants:

How Do the Competitions Work?

Each week, Genting Casino determines which slots stay and which ones go through player competitions. You don't have to fill out any opt-in forms or enter any bonus codes for your spins to count. For every £1 you wager on any of the contending slots, you will get 1 point towards the week's competition. Of course, each spin also counts as a vote for that slot.

Throughout the week, you can visit the Slot Idol leaderboard to see where you stand. At the end of the week, Genting Casino will award cash prizes to the top 50 players on the board. Genting Casino will also eliminate the least popular game; hopefully it won't be your favourite. Make sure you check the results every week to ensure that you're still playing on an eligible game.

As the competition goes on, the prize values increase. In the first week of competition, the total weekly prize pool was only £2,100. Compare this with the final week, where the pool more than doubles to £4,300.

In Slot Idol, your votes count! In addition to earning points towards a higher ranking on the leaderboard, your wagers could be the ones that keep the hottest games in the competition. If you want to be a part of this global phenomenon, just visit Genting Casino and start playing any of the remaining slots. May the best game win!

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