Celebrate the New Year with Grande Vegas Casino's Tournament

Celebrate the New Year with Grande Vegas Casino's Tournament

Looking for a nice win to kick off the New Year? Grande Vegas Casino is giving every one of their players the chance to win big in the first major buy-in tournament of the year. Although you've got plenty of time to compete against other players, you'll want to make sure that you join as soon as possible: space is limited. With a fitting prize pool of $2012, Grande Vegas Casino's end-of-the-year tournament is easy to join and full of big win potential.

Entering the $2012 Tournament at Grande Vegas

To ensure that the most possible players can compete for their share of the $2012 prize pool, Grande Vegas Casino has already begun the registration process. If you're looking to get a spot, we encourage you to head over to Grande Vegas and buy in as soon as possible. For the price of only $12, you can get your spot and start playing. Follow these steps to begin your fun at Grande Vegas Casino this New Year:

  • Go to the Grande Vegas Casino website and download the software.
  • Not already an account holder at Grande Vegas? Use the registration form to make your account.
  • Log into your account for real money mode.
  • Once in, go to the Tournaments menu and look for the $2012 New Year Buy-In.
  • If you do not have at least $12 in your account, make a deposit using the method of your choice.
  • Register for the tournament, then play your session any time after the 1st of January.

After you've reserved your spot in the tournament for the buy-in price of $12, all you have to do is set aside 10 minutes to compete against the other players. Before you start, make sure you have a full understanding of what you'll be up against.

Playing the Tournament

Once you decide to play the tournament, you'll be directed to the famous Naughty or Nice? Real Time Gaming video slot. Instead of playing with real money, however, you'll be credited with 10,000 in tournament credits, along with a compulsory bet size. A timer will be displayed at the edge of the screen set at 10 minutes. Once you hit spin, it will begin counting down.

The object is to accumulate as large of a win as possible by playing Naughty or Nice? All wagers are deducted from your initial tournament balance, and all wins are added to a special Win counter. If you can reach a high enough Win, you will win a prize as indicated on the leaderboard.

Tips for Success

Since there is a timer running, it is very important that you are able to spin as quickly as possible. First and foremost, make sure you have a stable Internet connection before loading the tournament. The Real Time Gaming tournament platform is very focused on speedy play, and a drop of Internet connectivity can seriously hamper this more than anything else.

Once you can know for certain that your Internet connection is solid, all that's left for you to do is spin, spin, spin. Stay focused and spin as quickly as the interface will allow you to. If you manage to enter the free spin round, make sure to continue using the spin button if possible to speed up the feature.

After you run out of either tournament money or time, a message will appear asking you to stop playing. You will then be redirected to the lobby where you can see your score and what prize you are eligible for. Check back often to see if your share of the $2012 prize pool gets bigger over time!

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