Celebrate Jackpot Party's 1st Birthday And Get a Gift of Your Own

Celebrate Jackpot Party's 1st Birthday And Get a Gift of Your Own

Jackpot Party Casino, the iconic UK online casino from WMS, is celebrating its first birthday on this 10th of November! With their continual professional conduct, rapidly growing library of top-notch video slots, and excellent support, it's hard to believe that they've only been around for a year. The fact that they're giving back to their players on their birthday goes to show that Jackpot Party truly believes in putting the player first. Read on to find out how you can get in on their generosity.

A Social Media Experience

Jackpot Party Casino

The Birthday Rewards promotion being run on the 10th sets the bar for interactivity. Rather than have players just play games to win cash prizes, they are using the power of social media to create a unique experience much like the BRIT Awards. In order to see if you'll be rewarded as one of Jackpot Party's stars, just follow these steps:

  • If you haven't already, make an account at Jackpot Party Casino.
  • Make sure you have an account at YouTube, Facebook, and/or Twitter.
  • Head over to the Jackpot Party Facebook page (faceb­ook.co­m/j­ack­pot­par­tyc­asino), follow them on Twitter (@JackpotParty), and see what they have available on their YouTube channel (youtu­be.c­om­/us­er/­Jac­kpo­tPa­rty­Cas­ino).
  • Participate in voting for your favourite Jackpot Party game video, game, feature, and host. The results will be announced after the rewards show is over!
  • Stay tuned to see if you've won yourself an award!

Now let's take a look at what rewards are up for grabs! If you're declared a winner, you'll score yourself a hefty prize of 5,000 Jackpot Party points with a cash value of £50!

Biggest Jackpot Party Fan

If you've been using Jackpot Party's social media pages for a while, you've got a good shot at winning this one. The Biggest Jackpot Party Fan is whoever has participated on the casino's Facebook page, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel the most. Who knew that something as simple as commenting could earn you 50 quid?

Jackpot Party Hero

In a similar vein to the Biggest Jackpot Party Fan reward, the Jackpot Party Hero is the king or queen of interaction. In order to win this award, you have to be one of the regulars at Jackpot Party's in-game chat. If you're the centre of the casino's running conversation, you'll be £50 richer.

Biggest Star Trek Slot Fan

Star Trek Slot Fan

Trekkie power! Jackpot Party Casino will be rewarding the player who has had the most fun with Captain Kirk and his crew for this award. If you've spun through every corner of space and earned yourself a couple of medals along the way, Jackpot Party Casino will crown you the £50 winner.

Most Loyal Jackpot Party Player

Jackpot Party Casino believes that loyalty is something that should be rewarded greatly. What better way to do that than hand out an award to the most loyal player? If you've played at Jackpot Party Casino more than anyone else in Britain, consider that £50 yours.

Best Multiplier Win on Jackpot Party Progressive

The Jackpot Party Progressive is undoubtedly one of the best things about playing at Jackpot Party Casino. This sitewide jackpot network makes every spin on every game potentially worth thousands. If you've had the most exceptional luck (relative to your initial bet), you'll be given a £50 reward to boost your bankroll even more.

Best Multiplier Win on Any Slot Win

You don't need the progressive to win big on Jackpot Party Casino, and the winner of this award will prove it. If you think you've hit a ridiculously big win (relative to your initial bet), make sure you stop by Jackpot Party's Facebook or Twitter to see if you've won £50.

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