CCG previews new remote gaming operation

CCG previews new remote gaming operation

The Caribbean Casino and Gaming Corporation used the opening of its new land operation Sosua Bay Grand Casino in Dominica to preview a new remote gaming offering which will apparently go live before year-end.

The October 24th opening of the Sisua was a good choice of venue, attracting significant attention as casino officials said they would soon demonstrate real-time remote gambling, streamed from Sosua's roulette tables using technology from the Kenilworth Systems company.

CCG has a ten year licensing deal with Kenilworth, which holds patents on the technology used for real-time online gaming in the US and 51 other countries.

CCG chief executive Steven Swank said that the remote gaming venture could capture a part of what has the potential to be a profitable and interesting sector in Internet gaming. He pointed to the value of remote gaming streamed from a physical casino in terms of player trust.

The Caribbean Casino and Gaming Corporation, has paid down the debt incurred during the construction of the Sosua Bay Grand Casino resort.

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