www.21.co.uk Account closure after winnings

posted on October 4, 2013.

Ok here goes,

I opened an account at www.21.co.uk the other evening, deposited £520 and withdrew £1000.93 at the end of the evening.

Withdrawal said it was happy, so was I, until the lunch time after.

Email saying I had been self excluded from the website as October 2012 I excluded myself from a sister site - bet uk.

They gave me my deposit back but told me my winning were null and void!

On neither website does it say about affiliates, 21.co.uk didn't even exist when I self excluded from bet uk and there is nowhere in their terms and conditions does it say anything about self excluding from sister websites.

'Our terms and conditions do not state the sites that your self exclusion will run across, however they are all run by the same company and under the terms of our license if any self excluded players come on to our sites any deposits and stakes will be null and void and the account self excluded.'

To me, they are saying that in the hidden files in their office it says this.

I say that www.21.co.uk owe me £480.93, do you?!

Thanks, Alex


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