Withdrawal problems with BetBusy Casino

posted on November 29, 2013.

Dear people ,

I have problems with Betbusy casino , the first time I had won , I asked my money . It was within 24 h on my Neteller account !

I thought it was a fair site and stay down. Then I won again via live casino , 16,000 other day I saw that I could not play on live casino . I was banned to play live casino.

I asked my money back . After 14 days, they have once again paid 2,000 Euros CEO betbusy . He had sent me an email that he would pay . Thank you !

I am trying my last money to be received here, I'll say about 8000 euros to my SKRILL account . There is no response , no one can reach even CEO no more , Help chat they told me that I should contact because I 'm a VIP client . With Mr. Harry ( CEO ) But unfortunately I have no answer ! and still do not .

According pick from Moneybookers account , it is very fast . Now the fifth day . Could not reach anyone . The confirmation email where I can also record did not respond. Contact The telephone she did not even respond.

I have tried to help . Chat Have they banned me.

I want my money and really wants it to stop online gambling ! ! !

Who can help me ? ?

thank you

posted on December 15, 2013.

hallo dear and readers,

They keep me on the line to pay , but there is nothing.

I have already filed my complaint here, they have not even responded .

I think that is adequate to the quality of the site.

What you lose is from them that can never reclaim .

But if you win .

Then they come out with proposals .

We can no longer pay monthly 2 k , if you accept , we will pay you . If you do not accept , you get nothing.

Now I 'm off own .

If you want something then they all speak in general terms .

Why not apply that to their then .

I have 6k on my balance . In terms there at Skrill account to 8k immediate payoff .

I have a payout asked 6k and have 14 days to wait . They have CANCELLED without any reason. I can prove it because all is in my mail box . Help center they want to say anything because very simple story . You are a VIP customer and therefore you should contact the CEO Mr. Harry . My mailbox is full due to MR Harry supposedly CEO. Mails He sends me express sible after acceptance of 2kper month. Thank you , I will accept your payment . Since two weeks I'm waiting for my money . Still no word . below between now I send each day 2 x email to them. But there is no response .

for out

People PLEASE keep away from new sites that only exist because they needed only losers...

They send me confirmation email , automatic mail where data to be there . Website , telephone , mail , live chat .

 Dear ............... ,

This email CONFIRMS our receipt of your request via Neteller payout for the amount of 2000 EUR at Rebel Gaming USD for your Account ID BetBusy_denizke . We will review your request and you will be notified Shortly by email when your payout has leg processed .

You can cancel payout requests before they are Authorized for processing , by logging into your account and acces sing the cashier / banking center or by acting cont Customer Services .

We thank you for your continued business and are always available if you shouldhave any questions .

Website: www.rebelsgaming.eu

Email: paymen­[email protected]­reb­els­gam­ing.eu

Phone : +356 2704 0188

 I wanted to make contact with live chat . They banned me without once asking what it is . Because they can not see conctact . Those with application for payment , they want Calling them take off , send emails they do not even respond.

I 'm really tired to ask ! ! ! Every day after my money

I play no more until they pay me !

Please do not let you catch up with such a site ! !

Now I ask the askgambling . What can I do ,

Please help me ! ! ! ! ! ! !

posted on December 17, 2013.

There are somebody can help me !!!!!!!

Please !!

posted on December 17, 2013.

Betbusy site !!!!!!

Please respect on your Terms and conditions !!!!!!!!!!

I 'm the player , i respect your terms of condition .

I will that you also have respect on your terms please

posted on December 20, 2013.

dear readers ,

attention please ,

Never join in BETBUSY .

As long as you lose . Are you for their VIP customers .

When you win and ask your money back .

Never get response. Not answer your emails , live chat , you never get an answer.

I 'm looking at the last 1.5 months or they will respond to live chat to my emails . Every day on my screen It was enough for me .

Like everyone else, I still do . Dingens other in life

Of course you wish to receive a lot of money. , But forget it. Your patience is going on . I put my balance to 0 and BETBUSY indefinitely blocked my account . Of course they are happy because my balance of 16,000 euros to zero.

They have not even responded . But now that my balance to 0, they'll think I'll respond . Then they will respond as conditions . But they themselves have no respect to their conditions .

As a player, I advise you to keep BETBUSY site distance.

I have all the mail in my mailbox yet . I might send more than 200 emails and there is no answer . If you win they try to act . Send us email you agree to 2000 euros per month would receive etc. ..

I just laugh. Such a retarded site how I became a member.

From experience if you visit site anyway . There is no phone number just an email address where you would like to get an answer .




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