Winnings confiscated from Plenty Jackpots Casino

posted on April 9, 2012.

I tried to cash out 679.00 at Plenty Jackpots and was told I had a playthrough amount, which was untrue. I had used my initial deposit and bonus chips and then made deposits with NO promotion codes because I didn't like the restrictions. I entered some slot tournaments. Won some, lost some then played regular slots and had a small win. This is when I was told about the playthrough, which I dusputed. Regardless, I went back and forth with a few hundred and asked what my supposed playthrough was the following day. I was THEN informed I had no playthrough, but would not ge paid beaused they felt I had breached my contract. They said I couldn't play in slot tournamaent without making a NEW CASH DEPOSIT prior to each entry. I disputed this, also, since the 'rule' was unpublished on the casino site OR WWW address. The agreed to refund all my deposits and said I would be banned fro site. Upon further investigation, I discovered I could not play at sister sites, eitheer. They will not inform me of sister sites, and I can't even look at my accct to see history since they had revoked my access. I have e-mails and a 2 page printed chat. Please help. I expect either my winnings or deposited funds on ALL RELATED casinos and now am being stonewalled.


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