what have i been playing to win

posted on September 20, 2011.

After playing at the named casino for approx 4yrs I was left bewildered as the progressive jackpot which is what I hoped to win suddenly increased by a vast amonut. Over 17 thousand. I was shocked by the increase so much so I shouted to my daughter who also plays at the same casino and asked what amount her jackpot was displaying. To my horror my daughter showed me her mobile and there on screen it showed the jackpot to be just over 3 thousand, mine displayed over 20 thousand. I took a picture of both our phones side by side and attached it to an e mail and sent it to the casino and requested an explanation for the discrepancy that was in may of this year. I've received an e mail from the casino stating there was a GLITCH. How was I expected to except such a lame excuse. I've been calm about all of this but feel robbed. I now feel very annoyed as I've deposited a large amount of money at this casino in the hope of winning a jackpot to now not know if the jackpot I was playing for was actually there to be won. I've received a call recently from the casino offering my daughter and myself top of the range phones of our choice in return for an e mail from myself stating that everything is now ok and I no longer have any complaint against them. Surely this is illegal as since been informed and given evidence to back my claim the said casino has continued to operate and take money from people without informing anyone about the GLITCH.


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