Vegas Regal confiscates my winnings without any justification

zucker3 Germany
posted on July 25, 2011.

Some weeks ago I signed up at vegasregal casino, I made several deposits and withdrawals. There were several promotions in my account all of the time and on each deposit I claimed a bonus.

On the 23rd of june I deposited 50€ and I received a bonus of 150€. I was very lucky and my balance was more than 800€ after a while. Then I played several sessions in the following days until in the cashier it suddenly said "no promotions available". My balance of about 803€ was still in my account. I knew that the bonus had not been cleared yet and that I could not request a withdrawal yet. But as the promotion was removed I could not know how much more I would have to wager to clear it. So I emailed the customer support asking how much more I would have to wager to clear the bonus.

Then they removed my balance of 803€ and put back my deposit of 50€ into my account. They emailed me saying that my account is not bonus eligible. I asked them to put back my balance of 803€ into my account and to allow me to go on playing but they refuse to do so. They reason for the confiscation is bonus abuse they told me and I could only withdraw my deposit of 50€ and I could go on playing without bonuses. I replied they can exclude me from promotions but they could confiscate my winnings only if I had done something that is forbidden and that I havent done so.

I asked them to explain to me in which way I have abused their bonuses and breached their terms and after a while I received an email from their manager that said the reason for confiscating my winnings was not bonus abuse or fraud but it was irregular play. The manager said I breached their max bet rule of 30% of the bonus amount and he quoted their terms that state:

"The Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings for irregular play. 'Irregular play' includes but is not limited to the following types of play: Placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to the account prior to the play-through requirement for that bonus having been met."

Well, it is true that I have bet more than 30% of the bonus amount and they have got this rule NOW but they did not have it when I played there. They added this max bet rule recently and therefore it does not apply in my case. They cannot change the terms retrospectively and it is a dirty and dishonest move that they try to fool me this way. I can prove that the terms didnt have a max bet rule when I played there because I have taken screenshots of them.

So I emailed them again explaining that this max bet rule is a new rule and it does not apply in my case but now they totally ignore me. How sad this is. They should put my balance of 803€ back into my account or make a suggestion for a different solution. The way they act is totally roguish and inacceptable and if they rip me off they might rip off other players, too. I can prove that I am telling the truth because I have made screenshots of everything and I have still got all of the emails.


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