Tiptop Casino - Verification issues

posted on October 24, 2013.

tiptop casino have failed to process my winnings by claiming that i have not provided them with sufficient identification, i have provided them with an in-date bank statement and a copy of my driving license. Firstly they said that they needed to see the back of my card, so i obliged, then they said they need proof of my address (which is on the license) So again i sent in what they asked for, then they said that none of this is sufficient and they need a copy of my passport (i do not own a passport.) I find it odd that on their website it states that proof of a credit card is accepted as sufficient ID but i was never asked for this. When i spoke to the agent again regarding this he said that i had not been asked because i had not made a purchase with a card. I attempted to withdraw my winnings via bank wire in which i provided proof of my details and photographic proof that i am who say i am and that i live at the address given, but unfortunately they just keep moving the goal posts.


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