Superbet Palace Casino - withdrawl problem

posted on November 17, 2012.

At superbet palace casino i've had no problems before but to my shock they are not honoring withdrawl of 55,000 dollars from casino. I took a free 57 dollar bonus which had a playthrew of 5640 dollars and i meet it and cashed out a 100 dollars its still in processing and take 5 to 7 business day to recieve.

When i got the 57 free bonus and email was sent to my account requistered with you guys and it stated-

"$ 57 BONUS

As a valued player at Superbet Palace we sincerely appreciate you playing at our site. As we are grateful for having you as a loyal Customer we are offering you $57 bonus to play at our casino no strings attached.

In case you have forgotten, this is your Superbet Palace login name: obieblue.

As always, should you have any questions about anything please, feel free to contact us right away.

Please ignore this email if you already got your free no deposit bonus"

My complaint is ive deposited money to play with after i accumilated more money above the 5640 play threw requirements and had made my first request for withdrawl of 100 dollars. Now i have accumilated over 61,000 dollars on my real money account and they say i can withdrawl some but then they say cancle my withdrawl so i still have a possitive ballance of over 61,000 dollars. this might be a premature complaint but i just want to know if i can cashout or not and how much. personaly i think i should be able to cash it all out considering the email i copied and posted above becasue it's phrase, "no strings attached" i have original email still in my account at yahoo. Support asked me to email them the same email when i was asking how much i could withdrawl they havent really been in communication with me regarding this 61,000 dollar withdrawl just the 100 dollar withdrawl. and on top of it all they ask me if i want to take a bonus it my next deposit which would make my total even more, how does that work if i cant seem to cash it out.

Just let me know what you think and can you email me a copy of Superbet Palace Casino's Player agreement rules and regulations


Justin Gibney

Wishing you the best,

Superbet Palace


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