Still waiting for my winning from Real Vegas Casino

posted on December 25, 2011.

I'm still waitting for my winning it been 3 months now i look on where u deposit i click withdraw and i saw Bank wire saiding 1 pending payout it been 3 months and now i see you can't see it it be down i am so tried of the support team keep telling me all kind of storys i'm so sorry i play on there casnio.

They contact number is 1-877-676-1504 if you call they will answer also they keep telling me they waitting for update from accounting dept or the managerment i try to email them they don't responed to your email at all .

I was playing Real Vegas my log in name was april200 i'm so tried of the lies from these people please help me get my money from them i do know you won't be able to contract account dept please call them and see what they said it like the support team be program to what to said to you and my winning been approved a month ago please help me. The casnio is Real Vegas

posted on December 29, 2011.

All i want is my money they tryng to be funny they know it wrong to what they doing over there to many lies

posted on December 29, 2011.

Real vegas number is 1-877-676-1504

april200 play real vegas

Don't try to email real vegas you won't get no respond from them


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