Still haven't received my Payment

posted on November 14, 2010.

I played a NDB with this casino and won the max cashout of $100. They have been contrary to their claimed time frame for approval and payout. (total was $375 they deducted $275 as per terms.) I requested payout on October 5th. It was not approved until the 21st. Payout via overnight express (Ewallet) is supposed to take 7-10 days. I have yet to be paid. I was told by chat rep I would be paid by the end of the week. - well, It's Sat. night and no $. Here is copy of chat and screenshot.

General Info Chat start time Nov 8, 2010 4:46:12 PM EST

Chat end time Nov 8, 2010 4:57:02 PM EST

Duration (actual chatting time) 00:10:49

Operator Damian Chat Transcript

info: A site operator will be with you momentarily. Please be reminded, in order to ensure your future deposits and withdrawals are processed efficiently, it is very important to verify that we have your current personal information updated in our system along with any documentation necessary for withdrawals. Thank you for your cooperation.

info: Thank you for using our LiveChat Service.

This is 'Damian'. How can I help you?

Damian: hi

Hellbilly13: Hi Damian, I was referred here in regards to a withdrawal issue.

Damian: sure how may i assist you

Hellbilly13: I have a withdrawal processed of $100. It was approved on the 21st of October. I still have yet to receive.

Damian: it should be send out by the end of the week as per finance team

Hellbilly13: I was told normally it takes 7-10 days is that correct?

Damian: what happen is that we depend on our third party processor and there capability of sending out the payments

Hellbilly13: I see. Can I verify my ewallet info with you?

Damian: sure

Damian: Ewallet Xpress Account Number : #########

Hellbilly13: correct. do you need access code as well?

Damian: we dont need that

Hellbilly13: Ok thank you. I'll be watching for my $ at the end of the week then. Have a good day.



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