StarWin Casino not paying me

PaulMCPH United Kingdom
posted on July 26, 2013.

I Joined StarWin on the 10th July. First day i deposited 3 amounts, £20, £30, and £50.

I carried on playing and depositing a total of £837.

My first withdrawal was made by myself on the 10th July and i submitted all required docs to them.

Withdrawals had pending so i checked after 4 days and they said they had not received my documents so i sent them again. They said they had received the documents and my withdrawals would be paid.

I trusted them so i carried on playing and ended up with 12 withdrawals in progress to a total of £938. As the withdrawals now had "checked out" and "confirmed" i decided to wait a few days. The only payments into my bank were made on the 22nd July for strangely enough the exact 3 amounts of my first 3 deposits on the 10th which were £20, £30, and £50.

I have sent numerous emails to their support who have fobbed me off with the usual "escalation to payout department" and now sent me a mail saying my payments were sent to my credit card which is a lie as my personal manager at the bank says no payments have been paid and none incoming.

The fact that they will not allow under £50 to be withdrawn and the only refunds are the exact amounts of my first 3 deposits make me think that Starwin being a brand new casino in Curacao is starting again under an old name as this just seems so weird.

All i get back now is automated responses in french.

PaulMCPH United Kingdom
posted on August 5, 2013.

I made an earlier complaint about starwin which was closed due to their inactivity which does not surprise me as there customer service is testing my patience.

Their payments service is all over the place and i have never played a casino which such bad service when it comes to paying money back.

I am still waiting for one particular payment amongst quite a few that they said they had paid back onto my mastercard saying that their accounts department said it could take up to 14 days to show. I have contacted mastercard international and my own bank where the card is issued who have basically said that a payment of that kind would be seen on the account within no more than 4 days.

I have had payments back onto my VISA that are £24 and £26 but their withdrawal minimum is £50 so i can only assume that a £30 charge has been applied to 2 withdrawals i made for each transaction from the looks of it which according to VIISA international is wrong as paying back to the source cards of VISA or Mastercard do not carry such charges.

I have had payments back where a group of withdrawals are paid back together so you have no idea which ones they are. I am getting payments from different sources ..... never ever seen this shambles on any casino before.

God knows when i will see all my withdrawals paid back as one of them goes back 2 weeks and could be another 2 weeks going on what they are saying about the £157

Starwin, your payout rate is excellent, your site is well designed and fluid but PLEASE sort out your payments and customer service.

And please sort out this mysterious payment back onto my credit card that seems to have disappeared.


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