Slot Nuts my payout

posted on December 15, 2011.

sence i wager oner and is to have a payout of 1,800.96 miuse the 50.00 the casino get for whet I have no clue.this was on 10/10/2011 i waited to hear from them for 2 weeks nothing ,so i talk to live chat,they tryed to tell me my paper work wasnt in I said and have confemration it was all ready there,so then they told me they were back up cause there system was down waited another 2 weeks i spoke to someone else has soon has the prosecor has it ready to send we will noafi you ,so make sure my phone lines are on and internet, this makes no sence to me ,..and i have a these chats to prove whet they were saying all kinds of dinffernt stuff but mind you they ,told me rest acare you will get your payout,i wrote to the acc. department 3 times and also have tracking # on the e-mails i sent..never got a responce back at all.aagain today I talk to live chat never to to this person before and he tells my its still being analaze by the casino team ,Im so tired of getting the run around from this casino ,im being treated unfairly..please im asking for your help I realy would like my money before christmas.


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