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Slot Nuts Has Not Payed My Winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Slot Nuts
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

I played at Slot Nuts Casino for a few months making deposits and using bonus codes. In October 2011 I redeemed free credits given to me by request via live chat. I played for several hours and upon reaching a $1200 balance I went to the cashier to see how close I was to reaching the play through requirements. I was told I needed to play another $300 and change and to check back after wards. I played more and ended up with $950.00 in my account, so I went back to live chat and was told I reached my play through and was given instructions for requesting the withdrawal.

On Oct. 16, 2011 after 3 frustrating days of being told they were not receiving my attached verification documents via email, I was able to keep a live agent on long enough to have him verify receipt of the documents and that all was in order. I was then told that it would take approximately 10 business days to process and release my $900 ( $50 processing fee deducted from the withdrawal amount). After the ten days I noticed that the status had not changed on my account and contacted the customer service department via phone. I was told that due to a big volume of withdrawal requests and a new system of processing the withdrawals that it would tale a little longer.

Thus ensued almost a month of emailssent by me and receiving automated responses, calls with the same answers and no real information, and live chats (which I saved in a folder on my computer) which all read like a script no matter what I asked concerning my withdrawals.

At this point they are telling me it is still with accounting and to just wait for an email or call from them. I feel like I have been scammed after making deposits, sending all required documents which include personal information and waiting for almost a month. I have received so many LTK 'confirmation' codes that it is meaningless. The first I received is LTK52602203393X.

Pleas help me..I am at a loss of what to do and they seem not to care about honoring their own word or their own withdrawal policies listed on their casino site.

Posted on November 12, 2011

I wanted to update my complaint with a copy of the chat I had with a live Slot Nuts agent this morning. I had mistakenly posted it under comments, but was advised by a very nice person to use the proper place so it would be noted. So, I know this is a repeat from my previous comment, so I apologize in advance for all the space it will take up:

From Live Chat on 11/12/11:

Just wanted to update with my latest chat with slot nuts iive agent today:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Rafael'

Rafael: Hello. How may I assist you?

cfeline: I am requesting updated information concerning my withdrawal request from 10/16/11

Rafael: May I know which casino site are you playing in and can you verify the login ID so that I can check it for you please?

cfeline: My account is at slot nuts and my user name is cfeline

Rafael: thank you.

Rafael: Kindly hold on please while we are checking your request for any updates..

Rafael: Thank you for your patience...

Rafael: As I have coordinated your withdrawal to the accounting department, they have advised me to inform you that your request is still on process and you will be notified by email or through a phone call once your request has been processed. We do apologize for the inconvenience due to the high volume of withdrawal we have received that caused the delay for the payout.

cfeline: I am really frustrated concerning this request..it has been over a month, I have turned in all documentation..I keep getting the same canned responses concerning my withdrawal: huge amount of requests are delaying the payout, new payment method, updatig system, it's with the accounts department and my concerns are being forwarded, they are in last stages of processing and will contact me, and so on and so on...yet I have received no information and have never once been contacted by the acoounts department. It takes literally seconds for your casino to receive money from a deposit when I pay to play and if I lose you have your money, but now that I have won I have waited an extremely unreasonable amount of time and have received nothing and no real information regarding my payout. All I ever hear is that you will forward my concerns to a superv­iso­r/m­ana­ger­/ac­count department but no action is ever taken.

Rafael: we do apologize for the delay. we will forward this concern to the management so that they can check that for you. and once we have an update, we will inform you immediately and please be assured that you will receive your funds once processed.

cfeline: How long does it take to process the average payout at your casino? Your casino withdrawal policy states that withdrawals are processed in 48-72 hours, yetit has been since Oct. 16, 2011...this is absolutely not reasonable or in accordance with your own policy

Rafael: I am sorry but we cannot provide specific date for you as for today because they did not provide any information for the date, we will be in contact with them to follow up this withdrawal request.

cfeline: I just do not understand this ...do you really think this is reasonable to ask a 'valued customer' to continue to wait for no definitive reason?

cfeline: I payed to play in good faith and I expected the casino to respond ingood faith to my request, but that is not what has happened and I feel that I am being scammed and given the run around in a bid to wear me out so I can give up on ever receiving my payout

Rafael: I am sorry but fiollow up is the only thing that we can do for the withdrawal.

cfeline: Which is the same thing I have been hearing on an almost daily basis concerning this issue for a month, and it has yielded exactly zero action as far as me receiving my payout

cfeline: hello?

Rafael: Yes.

Rafael: i believed you are on the phone already.

cfeline: yes, i was, but I was also chatting with you

cfeline: it is common for me to chat and talk with casino rep because I am sick of getting the same canned responses and because it gives me a paper and phone trail for my complaint against this casino

cfeline: hello?

Rafael: and I have checked your account noted that you are advised about your withdrawal.

cfeline: if by advised you mean given the same responses with no real answers, then I guess you are correct

Rafael: and we cannot provide you any answer aside from the informations that is written on your account

cfeline: ok Rafael, I can see that we are going 'round and 'round with no resolution..I will not give this up and I will not stop until I receive a real answer to my withdrawal request; I will continue to pursue this matter with all the means at my disposal

Rafael: not a problem. you may please do contact us back from time to time for an updates.

cfeline: I sure will..good day

Rafael: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye!

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