Slot Nuts Casino Withdrawal Delay

Tane Marshall New Zealand
posted on January 6, 2014.

Ok It goes like this :

Oliver and Jack I know you are the mangers of both Slot nuts and Slot Madness Casino's and you like to play tag between the two so ill deal with both of you or one whichever works.

I requested a Withdrawal back in 30/10/13 and after a long bunch of excuses , delay tactics , requests for docs which were received and approved I'm still waiting for my 2k usd withdrawal and I'm sick to death of excuses.

I want my money I think the long trail of excuses and delays should come to an end

nobody takes this long to pay out winnings unless they are sitting on mars come on guys.

posted on January 7, 2014.

Dear Player:

We would like to inform you that SlotMadness Casino is not related to Slot Nuts. We can only respond on SlotMadness behalf. After checking the username and email provided on your complaint with SlotMadness Casino we did not find any account with the information provided.

If your complaint is against other Casino we suggest contacting them; if on the other hand you have a pending withdrawal with SlotManess we kindly appreciate if you could provide the correct username and email as it appears on your SlotMadness account.


AceRevenue Team

Tane Marshall New Zealand
posted on January 7, 2014.

Indeed then why would Oliver­@sl­otm­add­nes­ contact with regards to the slotnuts issue ? logically it would appear that the issue is being handled by him ? I even spoke with live support at slotnuts and they said over live chat that Oliver and Jack Wells are the owners of Slot Maddness and Slot Nuts casinos respectively.

But of course the account wont exist at slot madness but why am I being contacted by a manager from slot madness regarding the issue and you say there is no relation between the casinos I find that curious to say the least.

That aside is there anyone out there whom can speak for slot nuts casino ?

posted on January 8, 2014.

Hi Astaroth,

We would like to inquire as to your user name for SLOT NUTS, so as to be able to assist with your issue. I am one of the Managers for Slot Nuts, and for the record, we have no affiliation with SLOT MADNESS.

Please kindly advise so as to resolve your issue as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Arthur Lee

Tane Marshall New Zealand
posted on January 9, 2014.

Hi there

Username : keithmarshall

Would be good to finally get this issue resolved .

Tane Marshall New Zealand
posted on January 10, 2014.

Thank you for your assistance Mr Lee I can see that my withdrawal has been approved

and is now processing ill update this forum when the money hits the account also I've provided those details that you required via email .

I can appreciate the problem with that individual leaving employment with the missing data and I take my hat off to you for helping "rectify" the situation cheers .


posted on January 10, 2014.

Hi Astaroth,

Thank you for your response. I see that you had a recent request for $2000 on January 9, 2014. I had forwarded this to our Accounting for review, and if found valid, it would be approved.

Additionally you can email me at arthur­@re­alv­ega­son­lin­ for a faster response as well.

Will update you as soon as possible.


Arthur Lee
VIP Manager

Tane Marshall New Zealand
posted on January 11, 2014.

Yes I had flushed the old withdrawal from 10/30/13 in the hope that someone would be prompted to address the issue this was luckily around the same time that I happened to make contact with you Mr Lee Thankfully.

O'k I'm prepared to accept the situation the way it is :

1: That you are assisting with the issue in helping resolve it which is appreciated.

2. That I'm looking at a time frame of roughly 1 Month ? for the wire transfer to

be completed.

3. That you are having to step in and resolve issues left by a previous employee

that has misplaced client data : I can Appreciate this as it must be problematic and

time consuming.


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