Slot Nuts Casino will not send my approve winning!!!!

posted on August 24, 2013.

this has been on going for 17 months now with slot nuts trying to get my winnings that has been approved and I have all the necessary documents, chats, and statements that state proof of my winnings.

These individuals continue to say they wire the money to my bank and each time

they the processor stem kicks it back and I need to resubmit for the withdrawal.

Then it was a problem with their bank not sending my winnings to anyone but for me to rest assure i will get my winnings. All support and the management is telling me this. I have called everyday and all the proof: phone bills, cell bills, chats here e-mails over 100 with tracking number and no response, but on paper I have prove of my approval from the finance department in the amount of $1,800 and I still have a balance of $3,000 to claim. I also have names of every individual I have spoken to regarding this matter.


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