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Royal Ace Casino - Run around about delayed payments

4 hours left for Royal Ace Casino to respond.
Posted on June 16, 2019.

I started gambling with Royal Ace Casino at the start of this year. I have gambled for years with good and bad fortune. I enjoyed the Royal Ace Casino, depositing a couple hundred a week.
Around the beginning of March, I won $5,000. It sat pending in the account for seven business days. I called to ask why it was still pending. The person I spoke with said myself and the account needed to be verified. I went through steps and was verified 3/17/19. On 3/25/19 my withdrawals that were pending disappeared, so I assumed they were on the way.
On 4/5/19, I see a manager’s approval on 4 checks totaling $5,000 USD. I deposited more assuming checks were on the way. They never showed the whole month of April. By this time, my total deposits were in excess of $3,800 and total winnings owed were in $10,550. I called numerous times in April, every 3-10 business days. Customer Service could never give me a direct answer and always said to call back, the checks will be sent with email Fed Ex verification, which I never received.
Understandably, I was frustrated and called again. After a few heated words with Customer Service, I have been banned from the website and I cannot access my account. I am now blind to what totals are owed to me. Before my access was revoked, I had never received a dime and was trying to get a paper trail to confirm exact details.
I called and said I am going to have my bank make fraudulent claims against deposits if nothing is done. They refunded me $1,150.38 to my credit card and $1,112.82 to my bank card. This does not cover the total deposits made nor does it include the over $10,000 in winnings owed to me. I was banned for expressing my concern of not receiving any of what is owed. I called over a period of 40 days.
I gamble still, but not with the Royal Ace Casino. I want more people to be aware so this doesn’t happen again and hope that I will be compensated for what is rightfully mine. .

Posted on May 28, 2019.

Dear @Shotgun6168,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

Posted on May 30, 2019.

Dear Royal Ace Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

Posted on June 3, 2019.

Hi Robert--

I've been reviewing your account and I'm confused by some of the notes. I'll need to speak with our Payments Manager to understand this a bit better--as soon as I have clarity on this, I'll be back with information.


Posted on June 4, 2019.

In reference to the above confusion.. maybe another, more clear, timeline will help..

I have been gambling with Royal Casino since the beginning of this year. In the beginning of March, I requested two withdrawals for $2500.00 each to be mailed by check. So, in total I had requested $5,000.00. I called to ask why the withdrawal was still pending (after it had been 7 days) and was told that I needed to send an authentication form for the cards used on the account. The documents were verified and I was told the withdrawal was on the way by Vivian on 3/21/2019 at 6:15pm EDT (attached screenshot - reference #4095983). On 4/5/2019, I observed that the withdrawals were broken down into less than $2500 each into 4 separate checks. I do not know those exact totals because I have been banned from my account and can't log on to see the amounts. Fast forward to the end of April and I still have not seen any of these checks. I called numerous times to ask where they were and why they were taking longer than the promised 7-10 business days. Understandably, with each call I got more frustrated and that led to my account being revoked. By this time, I had over $10,000 in withdraws. (attached screen shot: $1500 + $750 + $800 + $1500 + $500 + $1000 + $800 + $1000 = $7850... Add the $5000 I requested in the beginning of March and that brings the total to $12,850). Customer service could never give me a direct answer in when I'd receive my winnings. They mentioned that I would receive an email with Fed Ex verification, but I never received one. Also, to add - at this point I had close to $3,800 in deposits (in excess) to my account. I called and expressed that I would call my bank and make fraudulent claims and those were refunded in the amounts of $1,150.38 and $1,112.82 totaling 2,263.20. Like I said, I believe it was closer to $3,800 so I think they refunded me over a $1000 dollars less than they owed me.

With that being said, there were withdrawals that I canceled. One on 4/26/2019 that was $800, one on 4/29/2019 that was $1000, 5/3/2019 that was $500. I played through the $800 and the $1000. I won a $1000 with the $500. So this is where I am confused. Withdrawals were totaling $12,850 {screenshots/emails to prove this amount... therefore I understand the total as a cashable withdraw balance} … $12,850 minus the $2,300 withdraws that were canceled still gives me a withdraw balance of over $10,000. I have not received one check in the mail. The only money I have received back was my refund from what I had deposited to my account. That amount ($2,263.20) is totally separate from the over $10,000 that I believe I'm owed.

I had a conversation with Farley Scott (attached screenshot). He mentions the withdraws that have been canceled. Only mentions the three I mention above, validating the rest of the amounts. He mentions that the "withdrawals department approved $1500 which was requested on 4/7/2019 and they removed the match bonus amount ($813.00) from the balance as it was non cashable" .. making my balance $264.78. You can see from what I have explained above why I'm not understanding the math bringing my account balance to a total of $264.78.

Just to reiterate, I have not received any money by mail (check) like I have requested numerous times. Please help me to understand.

Attached are numerous screen shots of conversations that include promises of checks being on the way and fedex verification being sent.. again (just to make sure I am 1000% clear and there is no confusion), I have not received a single dollar in my mailbox.

Posted on June 8, 2019.

Hi Robert--

I've gotten to the bottom of this and here's the problem at this point...

Once you make threats of charge backs (as you did with live chat), there is no more discussion--all withdrawals are voided, the account is shut down and refunds on all deposits are issued. Charge backs are a serious issue for not only our casinos, but any casino online and is generally dealt with in the same manner with all. Each charge back comes with a high cost to the processor, which in turn is passed on to the casino...not to mention that if too many charge backs occur, the casino could lose that processor.

Further, charging back to a casino is fraud. You received the deposits and you played.

I realize that you were frustrated by the difficulties you were having, however, had you found your way to me before your threats, this would be an entirely different conversation.

Unfortunately at this point, there is nothing I can do to help with this situation. As I've stated, all deposits have been sent to our processor to be refunded to you. Please be patient, as refunds can take up to 60 days.


Posted on June 9, 2019.

You say that I made threats of committing fraud, Royal Ace was committing fraud by not paying out winnings. You forget to mention the fact that I won and by my records am owed $10,814.78.
I waited 3 times the stated Royal Ace payout period of 7-10 business days. If I was told 60 days maybe i would have been more understanding to the delay.
I was witness to checks approved in the amounts of $5,000 on 4/5/19. Which I will send an attachment showing this. I also was told verbally at the end of April, over a dozen times, that the checks were on the way, through polite and civil calls and chats with Royal Ace Casino employees. I haven't seen these checks.
I waited from 4/5/19 to 5/6/19 patiently, only to find out and be told by Royal Ace Casino that the checks were not on the way AND not sent, with no explanation.
Above and beyond frustration and confusion, I was banned for expressing concerns of Royal Ace Customer Service Employees being confused and unable to detail a solution or explanation for retrieval of my winnings. This led to my account being banned, reputation tarnished all in response to Royal Ace's broken promise of relinquishing the legal earned funds of $10,814.78. I am a victim and this is not taken lightly as I was treated unfairly.
I called Royal Ace after I was banned to try to get some answers, and again I was given the run around with more confusion and uncertainty. This is was prompted me to speak with my banks, 23 business days after the so called checks were sent by Royal Ace, no checks as of 5/7/19. At this point I felt I was the victim of fraud. When I talked to the banks, they asked me to verbally talk to the merchant, to try to work this out or as a last resort they can make fraudulent claims. Which any reasonable individual would do at this point. I haven't done this yet, but wanted to know my options. The bank only takes 72 hours for funds to be placed back into my account, not 60 days.
At this point I am claiming that the Royal Ace is not paying out winnings that were legally won. I want to know how much my refund is going to be? At this point I will make a decision as to how I will proceed towards the fraudulent actions of the Casino. Out of my 15 years of gambling, I have never had such a horrible experience with a casino and been taken advantage of in this manner.
See attached file. A lot of unanswered questions. Main one is why my checks were approved and never sent. Please explain this Tawni.

Posted on June 12, 2019.

Dear Royal Ace Casino,

AskGamblers Complaints Team is kindly asking you to provide detailed explanation on the issue along with evidence which will support your accusations towards the player, with quoted terms that have been breached, if any.

Upon AskGamblers Complaints Terms we consider all evidence strictly confidential and won't be publicly displayed or sent to the third party. Please send required information directly to suppor­­[email protected]­a­s­kg­­amb­­le­r­

Thank you in advance.

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