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Real Vegas won't pay me out my winnings!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino REAL VEGAS
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

Just got kicked from the chat with a sarcastic byebye' after i was contacting them about the winnings i won, with a free bonus.

they offered 1000FREE, wich i had to use at 'Achilles' game - 1000 spins - 1 dollar - and if i with the words 'You will be able to keep your winnings' ! So, i made i very well, and survived.

My amount was around 1100 dollar when it jumped to 178 dollar.

I stopped playing and contact live help. But i had a bad feeling they were 'busy' for a long time. I asked what i had to do, and why it jumped to 178. small letters told me that the max withdraw was 200 dollar. Whatever, that was fine to me too. 178 was not bad.

But again they did not answer and they hold me on a wait. Double check he said.

And again. Man, this was feeling corrupt.

Then he said they won't pay out the winnings. There is a sister site where i should have two accounts. I remembered some case about registering at the instant site of 'plentyjackpots' and because the troubles i started the download. Once the download was done, i restarted the registration but could not use my usual username. strange. so, i took the same username + 2013. How could i know the first registering was gone fine? Because of that they don't pay at REAL VEGAS! That's bullshit! REAL VEGAS is not plentyjackpots! An hour spinning for nothing... some google-time learned me thta this sites are very corrupt and you can not trust them!

They are really not worth the visit, unfriendly and sarcastic chat even.

i made a screenshot in the last moment and copied the chat.

Big zero !

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