Real Vegas Online Casino - not paying out withdrawal requests

posted on April 14, 2012.

I met my obligations and submitted the fax back form and id. I read the terms and conditions at the web site. I did not use any bonus when I made the deposit and then requested a withdrawal request. I submitted my withdrawal request on 3/10/12 and I get the same excuse now that I did from day one that it is in the accounts department. PLease note that recently when I went to Real Vegas website to check the status of my withdrawal request they had cancelled it and when I ask the cashier about it they said that it was due to a glitch in the system and that I needed to resubmit it. I resubmitted it on 4/9/12. When I resubmitted it there was now a max limit of $1,000 per withdrawal and a $100 fee for each one - on 3/10 there was no max limit and there was just one $50 fee. I was told by the cashier that it was due to the company they use to handle the wire transfers and not because of real vegas. I don't even care that those fees are not fair since I submitted my withdrawal request on 3/10. I just want my withdrawal request. It is not a lot of money but it is alot to me. Besides Real Vegas took my money within seconds for my deposits and I followed the rules and they are not holding up to their obligations. The cashiers are the only ones you can actually contact and they are no help whatsoever because they clearly have been trained to say the same thing every time (word for word). The support email is the only email address they will give you and when you send an email you get an automated response that a representative will get back to you within 1 business day and nobody ever does. How can any of the companies like click2pay, etc be involved with real vegas on line to take in deposits when real vegas is ripping people off and not paying them their withdrawal requests. They take in our deposits and do not pay anything back! The cashier told me that real vegas is certified by real time gaming so why doesn't real time gaming do something and make sure this casino meets its obligations as required? The frustration due to the run around and then being ignored and lied to is beyond belief from this casino. This has caused hardship on me. The exact same excuse every single day that the "accounts dept is behind and will email you when your withdrawal request is completed. " If I am unhappy with that answer then the cashier tells me that they will send a follow up request to management and they will contact me. Nobody ever does. When I ask if they can give me an estimate when I will get my withdrawal request they won't even give me that (a month, 2 months, etc etc( except one time when someone supposedly named Angel that supervises the cashiers told me that she would request that I be put on a priority list and that I would be paid on the next batch of payouts. She wouldn't tell me when the next batch was going out but she did say that all I needed to do was wait a couple of days. That was 3 weeks ago. I had to really push someone that allegedly is named "Jasmine" before I was forwarded to this individual named Angel. I then pressed Angel because I wanted a name of someone over in their alleged accounts or mgmt depts because I was tired of hearing the same excuse every day and wanted someone who could tell me something and I wouldn't take no for an answer so all I got was the name James over in management. They still would not give me any email or telephone number so that hasn't been any help. Please help me get this resolved. I am not a regular gambler and all I want is my withdrawal request that is owed to me. Please let me know what type of screenshot you are referring to as a documented proof? I also have transcripts of some of the conversations I have had with the casheirs as chat sessions.


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