Real Vegas Online Casino Is a scam

posted on March 28, 2012.

I requested a pay out (withdrawal request) on 3/10/12 and submitted all required documentation and sent many emails and requested the cashiers to give me the status for my money and I get the run around and no answers. I get an automated response to my emails stating a rep will get back to me in 1 business day and nobody ever does. The cashiers lie and tell me that they will follow up with management and will have them email me. The names are all fake for their cashiers and I know this because I get the same cashier most of the time named jasmine and every time she doesn't remember me even though she's been the person checking into my inquiry for the last five days in a row. I requested a name of the supervisor and got someone allegedly named Ms. Angel who told me that they are behind but she will make to let her manager to place me as a priority so I am on the next batch of payouts and I then wanted to know when those payouts occur and she said that doesn't know but they receive a list every two weeks. What? If she doesn't know how often she even gets the list then how can she make sure I am on the list? She then changed her story and would still not tell me who I could contact at their management or accounting dept. I was later given another name as her supervisor named James but the only contact info I could get was their support email. The support email only generates an automated response saying someone will get back to you in one business day and nobody ever does. They took quite a bit of my money and trust me that took no time and all I want is my withdrawal request which I was counting on getting that money back but this on line casino is a scam and will not pay me back. Their web site states 3-4 days for payouts and it's already 18 days and nothing. There are no real people at this casino that will help you out. The cashiers names are made up and there is one generic phone number and email and the responses are the same every time and they never tell you anything. Someone from accounting will notify me by email when my withdrawal request gets processed but they don't have any idea when that will happen? Two weeks? A month? Nothing! I want to know where I can go to get some assistance so I can get my withdrawal request.


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