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posted on August 14, 2010.

I have open an account with 25$ and they promise to give me in return 165k in chips plus other benefitt but I never get them. I have email them but they don't do nothing. Please help....

posted on August 24, 2010.


Thank you for reaching out to us regarding luchitoo's account at PurePlay. We have located this member's account and it appears all correct Chips and Points had previously been awarded.

We had replied to each one of this member's emails but it appears they may not be receiving them directly into their inbox as they had decided to unsubscribe from the PurePlay email list at one point; or possibly due to their email service provider filtering them into another folder.

Our records show their 165,000 chips were in fact awarded, as explained, when luchitoo opened their account. These chips are awarded at a rate of 5,500 chips per day, which amounts to 165,000 per month. Again, this is clearly explained at the time of subscription and on numerous pages on http:/­/ww­w.p­ure­pla­y.com.

We also see that luchitoo has logged in over 140 times since opening their account on June 11, 2010 and has played in multiple games offered to Player's Club members, therefore taking full advantage of the membership they subscribed to.

luchitoo's Player's Club membership was closed on 8/10/10 due to insufficient funds available on their card for the normal Player's Club monthly billing cycle. We encourage luchitoo to continue to play absolutely free as a Basic member and to opt back in to receiving PurePlay emails to make sure and take advantage of all of our special offers in the future.

Thanks to AskGamblers.com for assisting us in clarifying this member's confusion on the benefits of the Player's Club and most importantly to luchitoo for being a valued member of the PurePlay community.

Best Regards,

The PurePlay Support Team


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