Plenty Jackpots Withdrawal Delay

tpro1530 United States
posted on September 18, 2013.

I am having a problem collecting a $2000.00 withdrawal from Plenty Jackpots since early May 2013, Each time I contact them they respond right away stating withdrawal is in process but I've yet to see any money. I feel over four moths is an excessive time period to process a withdrawal especially when their policy states a Much Shorter Time Period.

tpro1530 United States
posted on October 17, 2013.

I have an existing $2000.00 withdrawal request to Plenty Jackpots since May 2,2013, almost Six Months now that has Not Been Paid. I contact them about every two weeks, they always respond, very pleasant and advise me my withdrawal request is in management for approval. Please Help ! I have pretty much lost my confidence in online casinos due to this situation and another bad experience recently.

posted on November 14, 2013.

The complaint was reopened upon player's request.


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