Plenty Jackpots Casino - Over 13 months to collect

posted on January 24, 2013.

I made a withdrawal December 8th 2011 for $3500

They have paid me on 3 payments $1000 $1000 $275 (less fees) over a period of 9 months

They still owe me $1000 -

Nothing has changed on my documentation since I first submitted it in December 2011

I have e-mail the support division almost everyother day and phoned the on line support number--requesting that the balance of $1000 be paid

They keep telling me that it is still waiting for management to approve the last payment

But they have already used the same documents for the last strung out payments- plus the changed the processing fee from the original of $50 per thousand to $100 per thousand-because they have upgraded their system for faster payouts-that's what I was told.

I can no longer log in on the Plenty Jackpot site with my log-in information - to check my withdrawal history.

I told them that this is not a lay-a-way program and that I have waited over one year for them to finish this payout. Once every 6 or 7th e-mail do I receive a prewritten response that they are still waiting for approval.

Thanks for helping me close this nitemare.

posted on October 22, 2013.

Hi. I won $3500 on Plenty Jackpot Bonus back in Dec 2011. They have only paid $2500 of it to date. The balance is $1000 that was approved last November 2012. I have called on line support everyday for the past 5 months and get the same response. That they are still waiting for an update from Management . That it is still being processed. I also have sent 56 e-mails to Management and attention to Kate Cruise asking what is left to be processed since they have already made 3 deposits to the same bank that the last one should be sent to..nothing has changed on my banking what's there to be processed ..they know they owe it to me..they have already made that commitment by sending the 3 deposits over the past 2 years. Nobody has any thing more to add to my questions and Kate has never responded to my mail. They (on line support) keep saying. "No worries, we are working on it and they all say that they will send another e-mail to Upper Management to let them know of my concern. ENOUGH is what I say.. How do I receive my last $1000 please see what you can do, I would really like you help me.


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