Plenty Jackpots and their whole Casino Group - No Pay

posted on April 7, 2012.

Ticket# LTK5260624995X

May 18th 2011

I requested a withdrawal today for $5000.00 via Electronic Fund transfer. I received and email within two days confirming my withdrawal request and telling me I will receive more information as soon as it was confirmed. I heard nothing for a week.

On May 24th 2011

I called and spoke with one of your cashiers and she informed me that you no longer do electronic fund transfers. I asked her if anyone was ever going to notify me. She apologized, and informed me I had to cancel the withdrawal via Electronic Funds Transfer and request a Quick Tender withdrawal. Quick Tender limits are $2500.00 so I made two withdrawal requests one for $2500 & one for $2300 and kept $200 to play with. I received a confirmation email saying they received my requests for $2500 & $2300 and I would be notified with 48 hours on when I should be receiving my money. I also sent in the form required and was notified that all the forms were received.

June 10th 2011

After hearing nothing more for 14 days I called again and was informed at that time that you no longer use Quick Tender for withdrawals. (Does any of this sound a little familiar) Again your agent did apologized and told me the only way to get my money now was with Money Line Wallet. I had to create and account with MLW, I had to deposit money into the account just to set it up. Then I had to reverse my withdrawal AGAIN! I then had to request my $4800.00 through MLW which has a $100.00 limit per transaction so I had to process 48 transactions for $100 each and filling in all my information each time. I was told by your support person that this would process immediately because my withdrawal had already been approved twice before. I received 48 confirmation emails for my efforts and waited 4 days.

June 14th 2011

I called again and was told by support that they sent a message to accounting asking for my withdrawal to be processed and for accounting to stay in touch with me with the status.

June 27th 2011

I used the online chat again because once again I have heard nothing from your accounting department about my money. NO ONE from your casino has ever contacted me EVER!!! I wait for two to five days every time and never hear anything from anyone!!! John (your online chat person) told me that you were waiting for my utility bill. I have been told this as a delay tactic every time I contact support either by chat on phone. John went and checked and came back and said they found all my forms including my utility bill. John told me he discussed my situation with his Manager Mr. Oliver. He apologized and said that he was submitting a report on this problem. I waited 48 hours and nothing again from accounting, support or anyone from the Casino.

June 29th 2011

I called 1877-676-1504 again (now day 41 of this craziness) and was told again that accounting is waiting for my utility bill again. I explained the whole ordeal with the gentleman on the phone. He apologized again and said that accounting is telling him that they do not have the copy of my cell phone bill again that John just found 2 days ago. I sent it again and I am attaching all required forms again in this email because I am tired of the lies and total lack of concern by your casino. I am not sure why you will not pay me, maybe the casino is broke, maybe you never pay anyone. I spent money with your casino in good faith and I am tired of the lies & deceit. I expect to hear from someone within 24 hours.

July 1st 2011

Another 48 hours and nothing again, no email no contact and no money. I called 1-877-676-1504 again. I went through the whole procedure with the support people again; they checked everything and told me there was nothing they could do because it is in the accounting department’s hands. I asked to speak to a supervisor, they put me in contact with Angel, and (she refused to give me her last name). She checked and said the reason is has not been processed is because they cannot read the Microsoft Word Document I sent that is a copy of my utility bill. I was told every time I called that they did not have my cell bill when I asked someone to check they all found it fine, this is the first time anyone told me they did not have the capability of read a word document. Angel asked me if I could send the document in a JPG file, I sent the cell bill to the support email and received a confirmation email with a Ticket# LTK5260624995X saying they received my email and someone would contact me with I business day. I heard nothing.

July 4th 2011

I called again and after all the waiting and standard excuses I finally got to talk with Angel again. I asked her to check on the file to make sure they could open the file. She told me yes everything was fine and accounting should process my withdrawal the next day. I told her I have heard that story for the last 47 days, she promised me she would go to accounting the next day July 5th 2011 and get this handled and she would email me the same day after she talked with them. I have called the 1-877-676-1504 number every day since, I have never heard from Angel again and she is never there, I asked every time to speak with the supervisor on duty and they are never, never, never available. I have been asked to call back in an hour and ask for Jason or whatever name they are making up that night. I finally was able to get to speak to Jason. Jason checked everything and told me that their having all kinds of delays with their payment companies and are now so backlogged no one can tell them when they will be able to process any withdrawls.

July 13th 2011

I worked with the online chat again, I have copied the conversation into a separate document but the same lies continue after 56 days they are still promising me that someday I will get paid. They cannot tell me when and no one has ever contacted me from this casino, NOT ONCE, NOT EVER

July 14th 2011

Nothing again from anyone at the casino no response or email from Zenice who promised me she would send me an email after talking with her manger and would definitely email me today with an update. No contact from Zenice or accounting again as usual. I called and spoke with John in the support department and I got the same story that accounting is processing my withdrawal and they will contact me as soon as it is done. I told John that was the same lie I have been told for 2 months and demanded to speak to someone that could help me. John transferred me to Jason his supervisor. Jason has spoke with me before and he explained again that their E-check company is out of business, that Quick Tender is out of business and that MoneyLineWallet is having trouble with their volume of payouts. I told Jason I had researched their casino on the web and found hundred of listing for people that have never been paid by Plenty Jackpots. Jason told me that they payout all withdrawals and they are just having some delays at this time. I told Jason that 2 months is plenty of time. I requested that they cut me a check for my $4800 and he said they are having issues with their check processing also. Jason once again promised me that someone from accounting would contact me tomorrow.

I have called every 3 to 4 days since and have been getting the excuses and lies. It’s all up to the accounting department and they will escalate the call to them and I should get an email in 24 to 48 hours. I have been waiting for 68 days as of July 26th 2011 and have never received an email of call from accounting.

July 29th 2011

Called again and was given the same old lies that the accounting department is processing my withdrawal and I will receive an email when my withdrawal is complete. No supervisor available again and no way to speak to accounting. It has now been 71 days

August 1st 2011

Called again and was told that they are just waiting for account to catch up with all the withdrawals they are processing. I was able to get a supervisor on the phone after calling back three times and Jason (would not give his last name) told me he would personally make sure accounting contacted me tomorrow. I have been told this several times by numerous support people and supervisors and have never heard anything from anyone – ever.

August 3rd 2011

I never heard from anyone again, called and spoke with Andy (would not give last name) and was told the same lies again. They are waiting for accounting to catch up processing withdrawals. No supervisor available right now and I were told I could not hold that I had to call back. I called back and got Andy again, he did put me through to his supervisor Jason (refused to give last name) and Jason told me he would put through another urgent request to accounting to process my withdrawal. Jason told me there was no way he could do more than that. It has been 76 days and still nothing but lies.

August 10th 2011

Another 7 days and no email or call from the casino, I called again and reached Andy in support, I got the same “your withdrawal is in process” story I have been getting for 83 days. I asked Andy if I could speak with a supervisor and he informed me there was not one on duty and I should call back tomorrow.

August 11th 2011

I called and talked with Dexter this morning and he researched my account and told me “your withdrawal is in process” same excuses and same lies. I asked him if he really expected me to believe that they have any intention of paying me my winnings. Dexter said he believed that he assured me that as soon as accounting processed my withdrawal I would received my money. I asked Dexter to transfer me to accounting and he told me they were not located here in Manila, and he had no way of transferring me. Dexter said I could contact the accounting department through email. I explained to Dexter that I have sent 25+ emails to accounting and have never received a single reply, not one! I asked Dexter if I could speak to a supervisor and after a few minutes I was connected to Jason his supervisor, Jason told me that what Dexter had told me was all they could do. Jason told me that normally they process all withdrawals within 7 to 10 days and he apologized for the delay but they were having issues trying to process the high volume of payouts they are having. I told Jason that it has been almost 3 months that I have been waiting (84 days) I doubted anyone ever has been paid by this casino or any casino in the Curgam Malta Ltd casino group. He assured me that I would eventually be paid and that I must remain patient. I asked Jason if he thought that 84 days was not being patient and all he did was apologize again. Jason told me there was no one higher up that him to speak to and said goodbye.

August 15, 2011

I called again because I have heard absolutely nothing from anyone from the casino or the imaginary accounting dept. Jane told me I had to wait for accounting to process my withdrawal. Jane told me that all my documents have been approved. I told Jane that they have been approved since June 11th 2011 over 60 days now. Jane apologized and I asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me there was no supervisor available. 88 days and counting, and still nothing from anyone at the casino or accounts.

August 22, 2011

I called support again and spoke with Don and was told the same old story that they are waiting for accounting and I would have to be patient and I would have my money soon. I requested and supervisor and was transferred to Clark Mix who told me he was a supervisor and could do nothing more than send a request to accounts to process my withdrawal, I asked to be transferred to accounts and he told me that I could only reach them by email. I explained to Clark that I send an email 3 times a week and never once have they contacted me back.

August 26, 2011

I contacted MoneyLineWallet to verify the excuse that they have not processed my payout because MoneyLineWallet cannot process all their requests fast enough. I talked with a very nice lady named Christina who informed me they are not behind and they process thousands of money transfers a day. I asked her if she could look up whether or not the casino: Plenty Jackpots of the Curgam Malta Ltd do business with them and she told me yes. They have processed about one dozen payouts for them over the last 2 months. She will monitor my account and email me as soon as she sees any deposits into my account.

August 26, 2011

I called casino support again to find out what excuses they wish to use now, I told them I had worked with MoneyLineWallet and that they are no behind on transfers and that there had only been about 12 transfers from the Curgam group over the last two months. I was told by Shawn that all they could do was escalate this to the accounts dept. I told Shawn I needed to speak with a supervisor, I was transferred to Clark Mix again a supervisor I had worked with before and he told me there was nothing he could do other that escalate my request to the accounts dept and there was no manager to speak with or anyway to speak with anyone in the accounts department

September 15th 2011

I called after waiting 2+ weeks as the last person suggested I would probably have my money by then. The gentleman I was speaking to said he was very surprised that I had not been paid yet. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they were all at lunch and should be available within 30 mins. I told him I will hold, he told me it would 30 mins and in 3 0 and I told him I have been waiting 4 months and that 30 mins was nothing. He put me on hold and came back in about 15 sec. and told me he had to free up the line and he would have a supervisor call be back within 30 mins. I gave him my cell phone number and now I wait. Time now 3:30 pm CST. I waited for 45 mins, at 4:15pm CST I called back in and had to explain who I was and what I wanted to the person answering the phone. I was transferred to a supervisor name Celine who I had to explain who I was and what I wanted all over again. Celine told me the account/cashier dept was undergoing new software and updates so they could keep up with the payouts. I explained to her that I have been waiting for 4 months and been told more excuses and stories than she had time to listen to. I told her that the amount was now $5455.08 and will keep going up until I am paid, that is the original $4800 plus 3.25% every month on the 16th that they don’t pay me. She told me she would enter the note in my file but she could not authorize paying me interest on my payout.

September 27th 2011

I called again after receiving nothing from the casino for another 12 days, not 1 call, not 1 email response to my daily emails to support. I have made over 35 phone calls and well over 60 emails and have never received and answer of any kind. I spoke with Joyce today several times because she told me there was no supervisor available, so I tried every 20 minutes, got Joyce three times and same story, I finally got John the 4th or 5th time I called and John also told me that no supervisor was available. John told me once again that they would escalate this to the accounts department and I should receive an update with 48 hours. I explained to John that I have heard that at least 25 times before and have never received even 1 response to their requests for an update. John apologized and said that was all he could do.

October 11th 2011

I called again after no response to any of my daily emails. I talked with Jane and she said maybe I should try Live Chat. I did and here is the transcript:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Belle'

Belle: Hello. How may I assist you?

You: tbone0455

You: plenty jackpots

You: I want my money, it has been 147 days

Belle: Kindly stay on hold while I am checking your account.

You: OK

Belle: It shows here that the management is still on the process of finalizing your withdrawal. But it is on the priority list and they are doing their best to send it to you as soon as possible

Belle: I will make another follow up report on this

You: My withdrawal was made in May 2011, EFT request and approved

You: nothing happened

You: I called and your support people told me I had to cancel the EFT and change it to a Quick Tender

Belle: I will take note of that and will forward it the to management

you: I did and waited

You: nothing happened; it was approved and never sent

You: then I called again and was told I had to cancel the Quick Tender and do a MoneyLineWallet

Belle: I am sorry for that inconvenience. Rest assured that I will take note of all your concern and send an email to the management regarding that.

You: I did that too and it has now been 147 days waiting for the next excuse

Belle: We do not have the access on the withdrawals so the best thing that I can do is to forward a follow up report regarding your withdrawal.

You: I have sent over 50 email to the support dept and NEVER heard back even once

You: I have had everyone here apologize and tell me they will follow-up

You: I have never heard from anyone

Belle: That is the best thing that we can do for you sir. Because it is the management that process the withdrawals for our players

You: your casino now owes me $5455.08 and it will keep going up every month until I am paid

You: on Oct 18th 2011 it will be $5,632.37

You: what no one understands is they is no one else, your support team is the only people that exist

You: there is no one else

You: there is no accounting dept

Belle: There is an Accounts Department that process your withdrawal

Belle: And we are always sending them an email to follow up your withdrawal request

You: no there is not, I have sent them over 50 emails, not one response

You: they do not exist

You: do you ever plan on paying me my winnings

Belle: I am not the one who will decide on when it will be send to you, it is the accounts department

Belle: So the best thing that I can do is to make a follow up

You: but they do nothing with your requests either

Belle: Rest assured that I will take note of all your concern

You: I just want what is owed to me, almost 4 months now; there is no excuse for this treatment

Belle: I understand that sir.

Belle: As much as I like to help you right now, I cannot do anything but to make a follow up

Belle: I will request the management to send you an email or to give you a call.

You: your company has been telling me that for more than 100 days

You: they can call my cell phone

You: (608) 719-8293

You: Ticket# LTK5260624995X

Belle: I will forward your number now to them and will request them to call you ASAP

You: that ticket has been open since May 2011

Belle: I understand

Belle: I have now sent them the follow up report under your account

You: Thank you Belle, sorry I have to vent to your support team but there is no one else to talk with

Belle: I understand and I am really sorry for the inconvenience

Belle: Rest assured that I will do my best to make a follow up on this from time to time

Printed: 11 Oct 2011

November 10, 2011

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Belle'

Belle: Hello. How may I assist you?

You: my user name is tbone0455

You: plenty jackpots

You: I was wondering if after 177 days you people might stop messing with me and give me my money

Belle: Let me check your account

Belle: Your patience is appreciated. I will be with you shortly

You: thank you

Belle: It shows here that the management is still on the process of finalizing your withdrawal but it has already been put on top priority

Belle: I do apologize for the inconvenience; the management is having high volume of withdrawals due to the new pay out system that they are setting up, that is why they are having the delays of sending the pay out

Belle: But once they have sort out that issue they will send your winnings as soon as possible

Belle: But I have made a follow up on this and probably by tomorrow we will have their response. You can contact us back on tomorrow for new updates with your withdrawal.

Belle: There is also a note that you will be contacted through 719-8293 once they have approved your documents

You: MY docs were approved three times already

You: I have been waiting for 177 days

Belle: Yes I understand and rest assured that I will take note of your concern for the management to take immediate action regarding this issue

You: I wish that was something that would help. But I have been told that more than 50 times

You: I have called

You: I have chatted

You: I have emailed

You: no money

You: and no has ever gotten back to me

You: I requested a withdrawal May 18th 2011

You: sent in paperwork

You: got approved

You: and then after 2 weeks of no money I was told that you could not do Electronic fund transfers anymore

You: so I had to reverse that

You: I did and was told to use Quick Tender

You: I did that and it was approved

You: I waited 145 days

You: nothing happened

You: I called and was told you no longer do Quick Tender

Belle: I know that sir however I cannot do anything about this because I do not have the access on the withdrawals. It is the management that process withdrawals for our players

You: I had to cancel that and do a MoneyLineWallet withdrawal and I have been waiting since June 11th 2011

Belle: The best thing that we can do is to make a follow up on this for our players

You: that would be something new as NO ONE has EVER contacted me

You: they are waiting for me to give up so they don't have to pay me my $5,632.37

You: in 3 days it will be 6 months

You: 6 months and no contact from your casino

You: not one word

You: so all I can do is keep calling and chatting

Belle: We have take note of all your concern and this conversation will be forwarded to the management

You: so I will never see my money

You: I really don't understand how a company can get away with this

Belle: I cannot give you the specific information on when it will be send to you

Belle: But rest assured that I will do my best to make a follow up on this

You: Thanks for letting me vent Belle

You: no one from the casino ever calls or emails, so your support team is all I have

Belle: I understand and I am really sorry for the inconvenience

Belle: We will get you posted if we receive new updates from them

You: Please let the management know, that the amount is now $5,632.37 and will go up to $5,815.43 on the 18th of November

Belle: I will take note of that sir

You: thanks for your help

Belle: No worries

Belle: IS there anything else I can assist you with for now?

You: I wish someone could Belle, I really do

Belle: I will forward all of your concern to the management for them to resolve this issue as soon as possible

Belle: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye!

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

November 14, 2011

I called again after receiving nothing in response to my emails, my online chats. I spoke with Jessie and was told the same old crap. I have to wait for the accounts department to process my withdrawal. Jessie hung up on me because I requested a supervisor. She told me the supervisor was on break, I told her I would hold and she hung up on me. I called back and Andy and he informed me that he will escalate this to accounting again. Lies & bullshit!!!

November 28, 2011

I connected to the online chat after another 14 days and absolutely nothing from the casino. I chatted with Joyce long enough for her to get my account information and she never came back. After 20 minutes I closed session and started a new chat with Clark. Clark came back after getting my account info in about 13 minutes and told me there was nothing new on my request. I have copied and pasted chat session below:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are now chatting with 'Clark'

Clark: hello

Tom: tbone0455

Tom: plenty jackpots

Tom: 195 days waiting for my withdrawal

Clark: let me check your account, hold on please.'

Tom: ok

Tom: I was chatting with Joyce, she asked me to wait a minute while she checked, 20 minutes later she never came back, I started and new chat with Clark, it has now been 12 minutes waiting for Clark

Tom: I am guessing that instead of all the lies and stalling your casino is figuring that ignoring me is now the new tactic to get me to give up on my $4800.00

Clark: sorry for lone wait.

Clark: I have tried to get new update for your account

Clark: the withdrawal you requested is still on process. Please wait to be contacted as soon as we have the information on the release date

Tom: that is not true

Tom: I have been waiting for 195 days

Tom: no one from your casino ever gets back to me

Tom: I made the 1st request on May 18th 2011

Clark: I'm very sorry for that, but right now I don’t have other information with your account.

Tom: what can I do then?

Tom: I have ten pages of all the calls, emails and chat sessions and nothing ever gets done

Clark: I will be making another follow up on your account and email you as soon as we have an updates

Tom: that is what everyone has said and nothing ever changes

Tom: I have never had any dealings with such a criminal based company as this casino, I have been playing online for 10+ years and have never been lied to or cheating once until your casino

Clark: I'm sorry but the best thing we can do is to make a follow up only

Tom: then you can let them know that as of Nov 18th 2011 they now owe me $5,815.43

Tom: it will go up again Dec 18th 2011 to $6004.43

Tom: Hello?

Clark: please contact us again after 48 hours if you did not received an updates

Tom: I will be contacting you, because they never will

Tom: thanks Clark

Clark: yes please.

Clark: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye!

I will wait the 48 hours as Clark requested and then I get to start all over with someone new again. The anticipation is going to be breathtaking to say the least.

January 3, 2012

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Joyce'

Joyce: Hello. How may I assist you?

you: tbone0455

you: plenty jackpots

you: checking status on my 231 day old withdrawal

Joyce: Kindly stay on hold while I am checking your account.

you: ok

Joyce: Your patience is appreciated. I will be with you shortly

Tom: I have been patient for 231 days, a few more minutes will be nothing

Tom: as of Dec 18th 2011 the amount your casino owes me is $6004.43

Tom: it goes up again on Jan 18th 2012

Joyce: The management is asking for your SWIFT CODE/BIC


Tom: hello

Joyce: Your patience is appreciated. I will be with you shortly

Joyce: we have forwarded that to the account department and once we have new updates we will inform you

Tom: inform me of what

Tom: all I want is what is owed to me

Tom: over 7 & 1/2 months and counting

Joyce: inform you once we have send your winnings to your account.

Tom: and does anyone have any idea how many months that might take?

Joyce: I'm sorry but we do not have the specific date

Tom: don't you think that 231 days is enough time to wait

Tom: thanks for your help Joyce, I will keep on waiting

Joyce: I'm sorry but we are just checking your account and that is the best thing that w can do for you for now

Joyce: your welcome

Joyce: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye!

Tom: I will not sign up with the class action suit until I hear back from your casino, assuming that will be within the week

January 26, 2012

Another 24 days have passed and not one email or phone call or one red cent of the money this rip-off casino has owed me for 254 days now. Tonight I reached Andy who check and told me it should be just a day or two now and I will have my money. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the standard can you call back in 1 hour excuse was given me. I told Andy I would hold and he hung up on me. I call back and got Andy again and he told me it has not been an hour yet and I said I would hold, he hung up again. I call back and reached Ted, I asked for a supervisor and Ted asked why I needed to speak to a supervisor, I explained the whole 254 day ordeal to Tad and he asked me to hold while he checked my account. Ted came back online and said the accounting dept needed the front and back of my Visa Card ending in 1303. I asked Ted what was going on now as this is obviously another stall tactic and he said I would have to send the scans and I should receive my money within a few days. I emailed the scans and will call again tomorrow.

February 10th, 2012

Another couple of weeks, another 10 emails to them and now another phone call. Same answer that they always give, it is up to the accounting department. I asked to speak to the accounting department, I was told they are only reachable by email. I explained again that I have sent over 100 emails to them and never received an answer or response of any kind. The support person apologized and said they would escalate this to the accounts department . They have said they have done this every time.

February 22nd, 2012

Called again, same excuses, same stories, I asked to speak with someone that could tell me when I will be getting my $4800.00 and said that the accounting department was handling my payout. I asked to speak with a supervisor and none were available again.

March 14th, 2012

I called again to find out where my money was. I explained that I still send an email to this phantom accounting department every three days and have never a single response in over 120 emails. The support person told me that was unfortunate and they would add that to my file and forward it to the accounts department.

March 29th, 2012

I called again and got the same stories & lies. I asked for a supervisor and none were available. It has now been over 10 months since my withdrawal request. I have been searching online and have nothing or no one that has ever been paid by this casino or the entire Curgam Malta Ltd casino group.

April 6th, 2012

I called again after another week or so of no response to my emails and no money. I spoke with Jacob, he apologized and checked my account. He said they are waiting for the accounts department. I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was put through to Justin who told me there was nothing he could do because it was up to accounting. He told me he would add another request to my file as he thought 11 months was excessive.


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