PlazaWin Casino wont pay

posted on September 14, 2010.

The casino is plazawin mobile casino when i registered i used to play on my ex partners mobile and card details were put into the phone, i hadnt played for a while and went back on and added a new card i spent loads! and finally had a win all together £1650, i was then told to produce id which i sent a picture of my bank card, utility bills driving licence and the casino still said i wasn't Ian Aviet (which I am) and took my card details off there site, now they are asking for documents from the 1st registered card and im sure that they were my ex partners! which i cant get hold of, they were taking the money out of my account not the 1st registered card and now wont pay, this been ongoing since the end of august 2010.

Please can you help me thanks

Ian Aviet

posted on September 29, 2010.

After DataCash established the player’s identity they processed the withdrawal to another Credit Card (that is registered under the player name) which the player claims he no longer has access to.

DataCash are busy investigating the incident. The player submitted a letter from the issuer of the CC declaring that they have not received any funds to the player’s account. This will lead to initiating a trace of the funds by the processor which can take good few days.

Once the processor locates the funds they will be refunded back to DataCash who will then issue it to the other Credit Card of this player.


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