Offsidebet Casino - Locked my account with no reason

posted on February 18, 2014.


1. I have played in Offsidebet casino and always made deposits with my Neteller e-wallet.

2. In one of my deposits, something went wrong on casino side and funds were added to my casino balance, but wasn't sustracted from Neteller balance. Actually I even didn't know about that till casino informed me. The deposit sum was 700 euro.

3. After the deposit I've started to play and my balance grew up to 822 euro and then my account was closed. I have sent an email to casino support to understand what happened, and received the reply as below:

As as result of the investigation, your account will remain closed.

Your account was involved in a Neteller fraud and tried to abuse a

bug in our system to add funds to your Offsidebet account without

actually having funds in your Neteller account.

4. I have replied to the emai and described the situation as it was, asked to review it again, to reopen my account and to pointed, that I have also won 122 euro.

5. Casino didn't reply to me and stopped to answer at all.

I think this is dishonest casino behavior. Even if the casino won't reopen my account, I want to get my wins (122 euro).


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