Non payment Betvillafortuna 2001 GBP

posted on February 19, 2011.

I was new to online gaming back then when I played, I have been playing during February 2010, the casino changed software and I asked back then for Ecogra help but Ecogra replied the casino changed software and they can't help me, thats was very disappointing because when I played they were Ecogra approved Casino.

Now I understand there are ways to get my money, the casino ackowledge there was an error in their side but the resolution they offer me is not acceptible by all means. The casino offered to confiscate winnings and return deposit or confiscate winnings and let me try again to win with the deposti and bonus.

Her is the story, I try to be short.

I got a welcome bonus of 200 for my 200 deposit. There was a bonus meter to showed precentage of bonus, once the meter reached zero the woftware allowed me to withdraw. In their terms and condition I was required to wager another 5 times bonus, I wagered 30 times bonus while the correct amount to my country was 35 but due to a system error in their side(the casino admit it was an error in their side, I will show the email below) the software allowed me to cashin only after 30 times bonus was wagered.

The casino decided to confiscate the winnings of 2001 GBP , refsuing to credit the balance back and let me play more.

I consider it evil decision and very bad practice. First it was not my only mistake but also their system mistake that showed clearly bonus meter reached zero, and also why to confiscate winnings , a new player who just tried their casino for the first time, for 5 times missing wagering you confiscate the player winnings in a case like that ?

The casino asked me what would I suggest would be a honest resolution, I said due to the fact it was also my mistake not to double check the terms, I am ready to give them 25 times bonus in extra play in slots and not just 5 times but please don't confiscate what I already won, They refuse.

I kindly ask for your help

Here is the Emails they sent admitting it was an error on their side as well and the email from Ecogra back then, I was unlucky from any aspect you look at it, they changed software leaving me unpaid what a shame.

Hi Alan,

This is a courtesy mail from Villa Fortuna regarding your recent cashin of £2001.00

We have resolved a technical issue with our Gaming Server which had failed to calculate the correct play through

requirement for the bonus credited to your casino account.

The resultant error allowed you to cashin when in fact you had not yet met the required play through requirement as setup

by the Casino for all Players which forms part of the play through agreement setup for first deposit bonuses as well as any

other bonuses credited by the casino.

GBP account holders need to wager bonus money through 35X before they can cash-in.

In reference to this I would like to advise you of our Terms and Conditions :

10. Notwithstanding any implied or express terms of this Agreement, the Player agrees that, in the event that VILLA FORTUNA

ONLINE CASINO computer hardware or software does not properly implement the rules of a casino game, does not properly

implement the random number generator, or does not make proper account for the play that has occurred, VILLA FORTUNA ONLINE

CASINO shall only be liable for the Player's initial deposit. In layman's terms: The Player shall forfeit any winnings made

as a result of computer or software”

The casino has therefore credited your initial deposit of £200 and the bonus amount of £200 back into your casino account

which leaves you in the same position you started at the beginning of your play.

At Villa Fortuna we strive to deliver the best gaming experience online and would like to take this opportunity to

apologize for any inconvenience caused as well as the delay in supplying you with the necessary feedback. We can assure you

that our systems have been tested and are now operating optimally which will allow you to play both your deposit and your

bonus amount and enjoy some of the best games Villa Fortuna has to offer.

If you have any further questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us as we will be glad to assist you.

Yours sincerely,

Service Manager

Dear Alan,

We have not received a reply from Villa Fortuna regarding your dispute and as a result of their change in software they are

no longer an eCOGRA Approved site. I suugest that you try to resolve your issue using one of the watchdog sites like


Apologies for not being able to resolve this.




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