New RialtoVip Casino Not Paying

posted on March 3, 2014.

I was given $15 dollars ended up winning and cashed out $150.00 they declined me because I did not have a checking account to have the money sent to I opened one and sent them all the documents they asked for and was declined again they said I needed to have a deposit on the record at least 5 days before cash out request so I made a deposit and now they have declined me again saying something about auditing my account they have declined me more times then I can think of and they are coming up with excuse after excuse not to pay me what I won.

When they first took over these casinos they said they were better then the last management BULL I at least got paid with the last management. These people I feel can not be trusted so you all please beware if you want to play there without getting any winnings then play away but if you want your winnings do not play there...

I do not have a bunch of accounts at the same casino every thing is honest and above board with me and my play because I never want any of the casinos to say oh you have a trillion accounts and you are trying to scam us, Not the Case Far from it.


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