Mona Casino doesn't pay withdrawal

posted on June 30, 2012.


I've requested a withdrawal of 150 on 29 of March 2012. My documents were approved on 15. April by Bill from Mona casino. After weeks of waiting and emailing them, Walter K send me an email on 10. May that investigation is being held to find out the source of

my delayed payment. On 24. May Walter K. replay with "The money will be sent in the next round of payments that will take place during June."

Today is the last day in June and I still didn't received my money. I've been waiting for 55 business from date that my documents were approved.

If players are playing according your Terms and conditions so should Mona casino. In their terms is stated that the withdrawal is proccesed in 15-18 working days from the date the documents are authorized by the Casino.

Where is my withdrawal ?

Thank you.

posted on July 10, 2012.

After 3 months of waiting I have received my withdrawal yesterday.

My withdrawal was 150 but I received only 125.

Before I made a withdrawal on 29th of March I contact direct support in the casino and they guide me through the process of deposit and withdrawal. They said: "We will allow you to withdraw 150 from your account."

Today they reply to my question why is 25 missing:

"The slight difference is due to currencies exchange and processing fee taken

by 3rd party processing processors."

I used moneybookers for deposit and withdrawal.

I played in eur at casino and my main currency at moneybookers is eur.

I am playing online for a couple of years and never had similar experience. I know that if you play in usd and withdraw to moneybookers, they have a small fee - 2.49% for currencies exchange.

My experience with casino was bad but I give them a credit for processing my withdrawal at the end.

posted on July 10, 2012.

 Not totally successfully, but this complaint is solved!


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