Mighty Slots not paying payout

posted on May 24, 2011.

On 14 March 2011, I won a jackpot worth 3,000 dollars at the mighty slots casino. I withdrew it out and requested it to be transfered to my quick tender account. Due to limits on how much I could withdrawal I was forced to make one withdrawal of 2,500 dollars and one of 500. dollars. Once a week since then I call them requesting that my withdrawal to be released and always I get a different excuse. First it was I needed to send in documentation such as my drivers license, utility bill, etc. I faxed it to them the first time and did not receive an answer so i called them back. They told me that the photocopies were to dark and could not be read. I then emailed the required documentation, again no answer. I called them back and they told me that they had been sent to their department that releases the winnings. I was told it could take up to ten days for it to be processed, so I waited those 10 days and called back when I received not correspondence from them, I was told it had been forwarded and would be processed shortly.

On April 25th 2011 I was finally notified that the one withdrawal of 500.00 dollars was to be put in my quick tender account. I waited several days and checked my quick tender account to see if the funds had been placed in the account. It had not so I called Mighty Slots again and requested that my funds be put in my quick tender account and was told that my claim had been processed and should be in my quick tender account. I asked when the 2,500 dollars was going to be released and was told when my 500.00 dollars cleared that I would be receiving the 2,500. I finally received the funds in my quick tender account amounting to 470.00 due to 30.00 dollar processing fee, and withdrew it to be posted in my checking account. I attempted to go online to the casino today to see if they were processing my 2,500 dollars and was notified I was locked out of the casino. When I called the lady first tried to tell my that I had not received my funds due to me having multiple accounts. I never set up another account with them as they irritated the hell out of me and I told them I would never play there again. She then put me on hold and when she came back she had a different story, saying my account was locked out due to suspicious activity. I asked her what suspicious activity since I had not played on my account since march. There could not possibly be any suspicious activity when I haven't played there. She told me she would forward my concerns, to the withdrawal department. It has been 2 and a half months since this began, and I am beginning to think they are a fraudulent casino, and just taking money in without never intending to pay out the winnings.


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